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Im an 18 year old girl who goes to Mt. sierra college to study video game design. im really easy to talk to once u get to know me and i am a very friendly person.
DDR,drawing, anime,music, motocross, hanging with friends, paint balling, sleeping, and eating.
Fav Music:
I like alot of music, I listen to pretty much anything except country and rap. Sum of the bands and artists I listen to are: the offspring,children of bodom, depeche mode, new order, avenged 7fold, rob zombie, cut copy, kill hannah, dead or alive, cold play, paul oaken fold, shystie, lady sovereign
Fav Movies:
pirates of the carribien 1 and 2, don't tell mom the baby sitters dead, the wedding singer, freedom writers, and many others.
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Posted on: June 6, 2007, at 09:18:44pm   [0 comments]

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rock_lee_fangirl writes...
at 10:27:16am on 12/19/07
cool profile
azn_56 writes...
at 9:11:30am on 8/9/07
nothin much♥
azn_56 writes...
at 2:23:10am on 6/17/07
add ne pleez
Tifalover101 writes...
at 4:26:13pm on 6/11/07
how was the weekend? mine was alright for the most part
azn_32 writes...
at 4:45:12pm on 6/10/07
wats ^ u do not talk 2 me anymore
MissVictoriaMurder1 writes...
at 12:30:20am on 6/7/07
not alot you?
Sharaft writes...
at 11:32:17pm on 6/6/07
It sounds exciting. A colleage of me ( im workin on a gas station now) is studying that aswell in norway, and hes been offered a job for Funcom, a norwegian company that made The longest journey and Dreamfall if you ever heard of that. I so envy that you study that!
Sharaft writes...
at 9:21:37pm on 6/6/07
evenin! I read ur profile and i noticed your studying video game design. How is that? Cheers :)
Tifalover101 writes...
at 4:26:14pm on 6/6/07
lol i see. that's the only way i can play myself. xD
Tifalover101 writes...
at 4:20:41pm on 6/6/07
damn you're lucky. not too many arcades in st. louis to play DDR. anyhoo, hope you have fun and all
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