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I ain't that good at describing myself..but I'm a chill guy I guess..I love my individuality, I try my absolute best to make myself more and more unique everyday..I'm not really on this site to gain a relationship sooooo don't try it..I'm not that attractive anyways ha...I love to draw, I'll have a bunch of my drawings posted up soon, so check em' out if you want...One of my most favorite games of all time is Monster Hunter Tri, so if you wanna hunt with me, be my guest...I'm always up for meeting new people so hit me up x.x
Drawing Monster Hunter Tri Dreams Sleeping Eating ...etc
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Basically every genre..but mostly rock and rap of whatever language, mostly english/chinese/japanese/korean.
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Too many to type homie..
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Posted on: May 3, 2012, at 05:25:46pm   [0 comments]
My favorite band and my all time favorite song...can't get much better than this ;)

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hugo!!! writes at 7:54:37pm on 3/5/14
yo yooo whats uuup follow me on instagram! :) @ninjatricking
iv been on ffr for many years too! please follow :D!
iTz Kayla writes at 7:57:59pm on 11/5/12
well yea i guess u can say that
iTz Kayla writes at 7:54:39pm on 11/5/12
thx :)
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 7:26:16am on 10/24/12
dont worry you'll get back into the swing of :D
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 7:37:06am on 10/22/12 are you in ffr?you killing arrows...XD
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 1:02:19pm on 10/19/12
collage huh? hmm sounds like hard stuff...
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 12:59:38pm on 10/18/12
so what you be ups to!?c:
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 7:24:14am on 10/15/12
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 10:31:27am on 10/12/12
a mabinogi,ffr,rusty hearts,stepmania...stuff like know.. c:
LaZboy77 writes at 6:29:57am on 10/12/12
Never mind. figured it out. Just not good with the acronyms lol.