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Im ME!!! I love the color green and im very outgoing, talkative, sometimes evil or insane,and crazy. Oh yeah if u couldn't tell i LOVE COFFEE! haha Im an animal lover. I am a happy person. I care about my friends way to much. I would do anything for them. I am the type of person if one of my friends is sad i have to cheer them up. And another thing is BIUK, u dont know what it is but me and others do. If u get tight with me aka a good friend i might let u in that.
Music, Sports, The school plays,some anime once in a while ones (i have watched are ranma 1/2, fruit basket, death note and blood plus, etc a few more) and some times playing video games my fav game of all time is the kingdom heart games. :) but i am now into watching americas best dance crew i love Jabbawockeez. they won yay.. now im watching the next season.. now im hoping so real crew will win. :D
Fav Music:
a ton haha heres a few Mayday Parade, +44, Cacsada,Rihanna, Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Red Jumpsuit Apperus, mostly rock, punk, and R&b. And evertything with a good beat.
Fav Movies:
all action movies... a few are Rush hours, the mummy movies 1-3, Harry Potters 1-5, Longest Yard haha,and Adem Sandler movies oh yes.
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Posted on: September 28, 2008, at 09:17:03pm   [25 comments]
im sad im sorry people..
school is attacking me..
the play is startin...
friends are asking for cappy to come to the resure...
my family is making do a thousand things..
i have babysitting..
life.. crazyness
music is still my life but need new songs..(more)
yes.. life is crazy..
and lastly to tell you guys.. i wont be on a ton anymore.. i am like getting behind.. i will be on once in a while but when i dont know...
so yeah...
Cappy out.

my list
Posted on: September 8, 2008, at 05:44:35pm   [16 comments]
i see people have this on there profiles so i will too(yes copying a few people or a lot)

Well this is as u can guess. My list of top awesome/cool/crazy/people who talk to me haha.(cheesy nikimanes or something i call u might be on here)
so lets get this show on the road!
umm where to start..

1. My partner in crime my evil one aka Despina. Woot goo Biuk. she is my suporter.. and my gal pal from a different world :P

2. My editor my skilled with the writing diva. Harp!!!! i dont know her name(sad) but i know shes cool. helping me with my writing. (probly not happy with my typos right now haha)

3. Broken :P aka Cody man. I remember first talking to this guy.. umm it was about cookies haha good time. but not we are friends that get lost and talk nigahiga to much :P

4. Karl(he has an awesome name i like never heard til now).. i talk to him once in a while but not a ton used to. but hes cool.

5. Ivy!!! my mooing meowing sister.. haha i like the sound of that :P its intence.

6. Kiddo. haha he listens to my storys about falling and my spider pals haha man im weird... but we laugh a ton. so its alright.

7. TheNameH. Bam ur one.. well what is there to say ur crazy and random but who dosent love that. :D

ugh this is list is making me go nuts.. i keep forget people and misspelling i belive haha.. so if i forgot u TELL ME!! til later i will be on.. umm sometime...

... Something
Posted on: September 4, 2008, at 10:54:06pm   [8 comments]
Thud goes my head into my desk.
Hours and hours have past in my mind.
Nope only 5 minutes says the clock.
A plus b equals c.
I heard this a million times.. give me something to do besides sit here and die
No reply.
And the boredom goes on.
I get an idea .
I open my book
And read
once there was a girl na...Put that book away miss.
I’m not going to like today.
The speech goes on.
I fly off this plain,
And open my eyes to darkness.
Colors spinning, flying, twirling.
I close then open my eyes.
And I’m back to my class.
The clock reads half an hour to go.
And the boredom goes on…..

Posted on: August 21, 2008, at 11:12:18pm   [35 comments]
hahah well school start next week thats a yaya and a ugh at the same time.. one i love most people there cause there ok.. then ugh cause the work.. haha there should be a class that we have free time.. and i havent been in a super writing mood.. ugh but i will get some stuff up.. i know my fans and my editer are like write.. and im like lazy.. if u know fruit basket think of the dog(cant spell his name everyone knows i suck at spelling) and his editer thats me haha...

there something from the top.. hoep it's ok..
(p.s. not editing this one too lazy haha)

One star in a sea of skys.
the endless darkness shollows the bright.
but darkness doesnt always win, the light still has time to shine.
yin and yang are a both at peace and war.
one tear, one heart broken.
one smile, one new love.
sadness and happyness.

there u go.. that was just made up (probly sucks but sorry) u wanted some adn u got it haha.. peace out i will be trying to write something good again its hard work.

Father's day
Posted on: August 13, 2008, at 12:48:15am   [12 comments]
Lilith walks to school on a fogy but cloudless day. She’s not a super happy person today. One its Monday and it's her least favourite day of the year.

"Ugh! I shouldn’t of go to school today. Maybe I can fake something and go home. but Ms. Clue hates me. She doesn’t get me for someone with clue as her name she doesn’t have one." Lilith says to herself.

She sees looks at her watch. It's five minutes till class starts.

"Ahh! I’m going to be late. Just as I think this day couldn't be worst it does." she says as she starts to run to get to school.

She full out ran but she was still later for class. She tries to sneak in before her teacher see's her. She sits in her desk, puts her head down pretending she was always there.

"Ms.Lane you late! One more late and you get a D.T. with me and I know you love those. But anyway as everyone knows is its fathers day today. So today we will spend the morning making crafts for our dad's." Ms. Clue said to the class.

She keep going on but Lilith wasn’t listening so was the guy beside her.

"Hey tough break. She's so mean. huh?" said John. Lilith shakes her head. "You really don’t like today. I know why. Poor you…" He tries to say more but he gets cut off.

"I know your my bud trying to be nice John. But I don’t need the pity card from you." Lilith says trying to be calm.

John nods and starts working on the craft the teacher gave. Lilith puts her head down trying to kill time and waits for the day to end while Ms. Clue checks on everyone’s work.

"Lilith get to work. Come one this isn’t hard." Ms.Clue says.

Lilith looks up and starts to stare at Ms.Clue. "Are you kidding me. I told you I don’t like today and probably wont do a thing all day." says Lilith.

The class starts to stare watching what is happening. Lilith looks around see all eyes are on her. She sinks down in her chair.

“Stop horsing around now do work or go to the office. Now what will you do?” Ms. Clue says not so calmly

“You better give me a hall pass then.” Lilith says and gives a wow-your-unbelievable look.

Ms.Clue gives the hall pass and continues checking everyone’s work, Lilith walks out trying not to cry and barely pulling it off.

“Someone woke up on the wrong of the bed today. Hahaha.” Ms. Clue says.

Two girls giggle, then say “No Ms. C Lilith’s dad ran out of her house two years ago.”

Ms. Clue looks at the girls. Her month drops. And thinks about what she just did.

“Sam and Clair that was mean. What if it happened to you? You guys are so mean. If you weren’t girls I would so hurt you. Lilith is nice to everyone and you are so rude. Ugh!” John snaps.

“Ok class calm down. Be quite and just work and I will be back in ten.” Ms. Clue says, and exit’s the room.

Five minutes later Ms. Clue and Lilith come back into the room. Lilith sits back down in her chair. Then leans over to John.

“Thanks John. C told me what happened.” Lilith said.

‘What are friends for?” John said.

Comment wall
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 11:42:03pm on 7/7/11
if you tried the day you posted the link got broken heres da fix :P :P
i woke up 5mins ago so posted it 1st at my own page :P
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 4:30:18am on 7/3/11
crossing fingers that i can continue school next month.. after all i have 4 doctors saying that my... shit is NORMAL the way it is
other vice im good been watching one piece anime atm at 325 and lot more to go thru :P and i have new favorite song/amv :D
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 4:35:53am on 6/29/11
how your ears feeling? 1 more month to get deus ex human revolution and way too many more to get the skyrim :(
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 4:34:30pm on 5/25/11
well aint that good that ur ears are cleared? :P
i started playing Rift as wow is getting worser by the patch :P
still cant go continue my studies but helping my folks ... mend? repair? well anycays iw been helping them make the house go better...
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 4:30:11am on 4/24/11
oh damn forgot to link random stuff xD
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 4:29:48am on 4/24/11
so bored that looking my nails grow is intresting
Cee kun writes...
at 9:40:52am on 4/23/11
So what are you doing today! I'm playing Marvel vs Capcom :D
Cee kun writes...
at 12:04:32pm on 4/22/11
*Blushes* Well, I am doing okay. What about you? Are you in fair mood?
Cee kun writes...
at 12:20:24pm on 4/11/11
nice to meet you too!
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 4:58:54am on 4/11/11
yeah :)
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