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About me:
well im can b a lil wierd some but im realy easy to get along with
getting to know new pplz and new places
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screamo,PUNK rock, METAL, techno, and a lil bit of r&b
Fav Movies:
the nightmare before Xmas
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Posted on: October 2, 2011, at 06:41:16pm   [0 comments]

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^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 5:02:35pm on 6/8/12
Heyyy you ;) How've ya been??
Long time no talk!!
animechick101 writes...
at 6:03:34pm on 2/6/12
lol muchas gracias haha. ah pues entiendo, y ya tengo tu correo pero gracias y espero hablar contigo de nuevo, muchos besos y tambien te quiero :)
animechick101 writes...
at 3:22:27pm on 1/25/12
hey como has estado? sorry q no he estado en el chat, estoy tomando clases por la noche, so estoy en el chat durante el dia pero las noches q no tengo clases me entro and nunca estas. ojala q estes bien y te quiero mucho!!! :)
animechick101 writes...
at 10:51:10pm on 1/8/12
ah ok then
animechick101 writes...
at 3:25:31pm on 1/5/12
entonces el otro ya no sirve para nada o todavia lo tienes?
animechick101 writes...
at 3:20:26pm on 1/5/12
hola querido,esta bien, gracias por decirme ahorita lo corrigo en mis contactos de email
animechick101 writes...
at 10:39:35am on 11/9/11
i'm telling u my life is so friggin boring, so basically not much is going on. well i'm sorta happy that i'll be living by myself for 3 weeks while my parents are en mi pais! XD hahaha i have to wait till the end of december tho >_<
animechick101 writes...
at 12:24:43pm on 11/7/11
lol sure u did. anyways yeah i'll be fine at least i'm not 'crazy' anymore hahaha! lol
animechick101 writes...
at 12:47:00am on 11/4/11
ur very welcome haha. well idk wat to say whats going on in my life. well i'm a college student, i still unfortunately have no bf (my cousin who's not even in HS yet and she has a bf which makes me feel like shit) i finally posted a vid of me dancing, in basic terms my life is boring and sucky. XD
animechick101 writes...
at 5:23:54pm on 10/30/11
oh sounds complicated but interesting. awww!! 2yrs!? thats great! hahaha lol sounds like ur really into her. haha best of luck to both of you. her name is unique too i'm still trying to figure out how to say it. XD hahaha
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