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Posted on: July 29, 2011, at 08:11:57pm   [0 comments]
I wish I had more time to play FFR, but I feel like of the 3.26 years I've been here, I've only been on for .26 years. Haha. And I still stink at this game. But I'm getting better each time I play!
I miss all the friends I made on here that I used to play with. Hopefully I can find more time to play again.
Until next time, adios FFR!

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lemon_Drop writes...
at 8:52:51pm on 1/17/18
If you ever get on this again, get in contact with me!
jarsh writes...
at 10:07:42pm on 10/6/12
Hey :) Awesome you're from btown as well!
StyleTheBronx5 writes...
at 10:28:30am on 5/9/12
sup buttmunch?!?!?!?
soccerfreakxox writes...
at 9:39:09am on 9/2/11
awhhhhhhh, i miss you too! we didnt talk since forever! </3
zelle_ writes...
at 9:45:00pm on 8/31/11
Im doing really well (: just got back from vacation & finally got a laptop, hence why I couldn't answer, sorry about that. But, first day of college tomorrow ! So excited / nervous at the same time. How about you ? How've you been ? :D
lemon_Drop writes...
at 8:54:57pm on 8/16/11
Ha too long. I'm really good. Very busy lately. How're you?(:
lemon_Drop writes...
at 8:37:14pm on 8/16/11
Ha too long. I'm really good. Very busy lately. How're you?(:
tashia[[is dead]] writes...
at 6:22:44pm on 8/16/11
Well thank you, the same goes for you dear.
Corriinee. writes...
at 11:44:00pm on 8/15/11
Haha, I wish I could text too. Life would be kinda better. Aha.
But.. naah. We're not together, just talking. Lol.
tashia[[is dead]] writes...
at 1:45:25am on 8/1/11
Eh, not much. I moved out sometime last year, but now since my friend and I can't find another roommate I have to move back home. I'm super upset about that. But my mum is excited since my dad passed last year. I think she'll be glad I'll be there with the boys when she has to work and such. Other than that I'm just trying to find a job, and waiting for college to start up again.
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