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FFR Games Played:9,950
Location:Georgia, USA
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FuzedBox's Gameplay Stats Today
85 / 2457
552 / 2457
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72 / 1500
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SD_Suicide writes...
at 7:02:04am on 2/9/15
Hey buddy.
FuzedBox writes...
at 6:10:52pm on 3/29/11
666 Overall. Again >: D
Radude writes...
at 12:56:27pm on 2/5/11
Haha I know what it's like man.. V
Dietlipton writes...
at 12:33:22pm on 11/30/10
long time no see fuzed
FuzedBox writes...
at 5:10:56pm on 11/11/10
Goddamnit, I suck so bad now.
SD_Suicide writes...
at 7:26:33pm on 10/25/10
hey brooo :DDD
FuzedBox writes...
at 3:20:13pm on 10/20/10
Holy shit I've lost skill.
Radude writes...
at 6:53:31am on 12/21/09
Fuzed - mah man!
Check out my new video posted on my page! =P
xxxim_a_noobxxx writes...
at 1:52:38pm on 12/20/09
yaaa and people are like well since your index its easyer to aaa yet EVERYONE says index sucks soooo like how can you say that hahahah.
xxxim_a_noobxxx writes...
at 3:14:06pm on 12/19/09
Dude i AAAed Cia Rave for the first time!!! and i was in MP. =DDD
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