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I'm asian! yay! i love being asian its so fun~ well any wayz, i tend to not figure things out until its pointed out so tell me directly if u see something xD
im proud to say i like games, even though im a girl. i love playing video games and such on computers and game consoles! My whole life is devoted to them! not really, but you get wat i mean xD
Fav Music:
Ok i've pretty much given up on songs that are in english and hav moved up to asian songs! yay! UVERworld, Hatsune Miku, Jay Chou, Nico Nico Douga, Fahrenheit are like my favourite bands! they rock soooo much!!!!
Fav Movies:
nightmare before christmas is the best movie ever! and Pan's labyrinth! Hortan Hear's A Who is a must watch movie cause im an all time fan xD
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animechick101 writes...
at 11:41:25pm on 9/21/09
btw i've seen chrno crusade before. its really good and sad. i didnt like the fact that rosette and chrono die but what can u do. a life for a life
animechick101 writes...
at 11:33:34pm on 9/21/09
thnx for pic comment. and yes i have seen the anime. its really sad and i couldnt hold bak my tears. but i didnt like the ending at all. it just sucks that he had to leave
sh3li writes...
at 12:14:14am on 5/12/09
haha yeah. yay for competitiveness 8D
Blake_Dynasty writes...
at 2:49:13am on 5/4/09

hey any anime fans in here
bmah writes...
at 2:29:05am on 5/4/09
rat flail!
suika510 writes...
at 9:00:22pm on 4/4/09
haha thanks xD
you earn my respect as well!
being asian=bliss is a FACT rofl
xemclaih writes...
at 7:51:43am on 7/6/08
Yesh, Small and Cute,,, as per usual =)
xemclaih writes...
at 12:19:15am on 7/4/08
It reminds me of chibi xD
xemclaih writes...
at 6:13:15pm on 7/2/08
I like you display picture =)
xemclaih writes...
at 7:05:04am on 7/1/08
OMG you went crazy play 0o
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