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Posted on: December 14, 2009, at 07:32:52pm   [2 comments]
Someone just called me a cheater for getting 3 goods and 1 miss on Witches Hat.

He said, "There's no way you can get that many perfects."


If I was cheating, why would I miss? xD

Posted on: December 11, 2009, at 05:24:12pm   [4 comments]
My goal is to AAA one synth song a day.

It is terrifying beyond reason.

Edit: That didn't last long lol. Why can't I play these songs? ;c

Posted on: December 8, 2009, at 06:29:20pm   [2 comments]
Everyone is an asshole.

Get over it.

40 AAAs in one day
Posted on: October 8, 2009, at 08:52:20pm   [1 comment]

Edit 10/9: 42 the next. o_O

This game
Posted on: October 7, 2009, at 03:50:12pm   [3 comments]
I suck at it.

Comment wall
danny53x writes...
at 1:20:59am on 12/15/10
sup it's yotipo91
SaxigenousShiloh writes...
at 7:19:04pm on 10/22/10
Oh jeepers. :P Well, you and I used to play before FFR went down... Forever. D:
SaxigenousShiloh writes...
at 7:18:13pm on 10/17/10
We have not talked in forever! D:
TC_Halogen writes...
at 8:51:01am on 12/21/09
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, krunkykai missed you, haha. I'll tell him again. I'm not 100% sure, but be prepared to play in D4.
Etylukah writes...
at 2:22:14pm on 12/18/09
Oh cmon, everything that is 7 and under outside of synthlight files should be fairly easy for you.
Etylukah writes...
at 1:08:28pm on 12/18/09
It's not that far actually, you just haven't done the first step yet. Playing everything and AAAing everything that was fairly easy.
xxxim_a_noobxxx writes...
at 7:54:21pm on 12/16/09
Ahhh its chill i might have to start playin MP with a private room since haters spam the crap out of mine and use profanity. =((((
xxxim_a_noobxxx writes...
at 6:31:43pm on 12/16/09
yo come back on haha
bite me please writes...
at 8:49:56am on 12/16/09
smart bunny
bite me please writes...
at 8:43:20am on 12/16/09
that rabbit looks smart
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