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Finally FCd this! (check the boo count at the end)
Posted on: December 7, 2009, at 03:34:51pm   [0 comments]

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101scorpion writes...
at 3:54:39pm on 3/12/11
is that pac-man with a mouth
Panic4Me writes...
at 6:45:14pm on 11/24/10
Thanks for the vote. :]
DossarLX ODI writes...
at 11:39:27pm on 11/22/10
If you're talking an AAA, it's going to be on stepmania most likely - unless new files come in that are worth doing
DossarLX ODI writes...
at 10:53:00pm on 11/22/10
Karee456 writes...
at 10:33:23am on 11/22/10
xD Campanella isn't that hard just those jacks.
And my average rank is SUPER crappy :/
I can get it to about 45 or 50 but I don't feel like whoreing 9and below for AAA's
ya kno ?
Karee456 writes...
at 11:19:10pm on 11/21/10
you suck at ffr jaykay ;] .
nice RATO FC
im jealus
101scorpion writes...
at 3:41:46pm on 11/11/10
i think im gonna AAA power (xd i know one of the easiest songs )
101scorpion writes...
at 3:47:39pm on 11/9/10
wut project? wow btw u got shitloads of good over the months
101scorpion writes...
at 10:13:31pm on 11/8/10
sup dude ,long time no see
Etylukah writes...
at 4:48:50pm on 12/8/09
Fermble and Colt.45 are better lol. Just play every songs and try to full combo them, you should get a pretty good average rank easily that way.
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