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Name - Cy Last - Unknown and will be that for now cause yeah haha Well as of Today, I type out a new About ME: Time/date 10:58 PM and 8/27/2014. So what is new with is more Medical Bills and just over more BILL's haha you know just living life of a Pi3(: and I am Single still... I don't really mind now... but still have not been able to speak to my son who is about to turn 6 year's Old.. His Mother has not contacted me about this situation were in.. just dont like that fact that I Don't know where they live and where to go to be able to visit my son on weekends or things like that... but ZIP, Nothing from her..
Music, FFr, Friends, Purple, Llamas, Unicorns! when i be at star 402:P
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Pretty much Metal/Classical/Oldies/Rap:D
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Any kind of movie is fine really w/e keeps my brain intrested:p
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This guy - Cy -
Posted on: March 22, 2012, at 01:06:42pm   [2 comments]
Lets start out by sayin me name is Cy-bear or Cypie or just playing Cy, C: i have alot of nicknames from fambam n friends(: i love to hang-out wit my FamBam n Friends too alot wit me friends tho C: we have alot of fun hanging out wit each other lol sometimes it gets a lil crzy haha,

I live wit fambam in Az yo, i am single(: n well like to play video games n FFR! of course yo!! i love flashflashrevolutionC: no doubt about it n I LOVE FUCKIN JAMMIN TO METAL MUSIC YO!

Just last year of 2011 i was hit by a Semi-Truck): made things harder for me, like the things i used to do..but the worst of all i have a big ass Bill to pay now D:

well get to know me yo, im pretty chillax! C: add me if ya like!

My 345 FC Session:)
Posted on: May 1, 2011, at 03:05:58pm   [0 comments]

my 346 FC Takecore Of Yourself:)
Posted on: May 1, 2011, at 03:02:33pm   [0 comments]

Comment wall
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 1:02:02pm on 12/5/18
Hahaha, I'll have your babies!
mellybear! writes...
at 11:26:00pm on 4/26/18
why jelly?!?!?! D:
Sindrow6 writes...
at 9:33:46am on 1/14/17
nugget if u ever get this message just wanted to tell you i love you and i will keep loving you until i get my tokens back
Mrs.Buttons writes...
at 12:56:23am on 12/18/15
good luck with your schooling as well. sounds like you have something started for yourself :)
Mrs.Buttons writes...
at 12:37:42pm on 12/14/15
i've been alright. busy.. in hair school full time and working part time as well. loving it just hate having 0 days off ever lmao
Mrs.Buttons writes...
at 11:04:06pm on 11/15/15
yes i remember u lol
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 12:21:35am on 4/6/14
Well I'm not gonna delete my Cy-Bear, so deal with it:3!<3
Mrs.Buttons writes...
at 1:01:13pm on 2/12/14
uh just chores lmao
Mrs.Buttons writes...
at 5:23:08pm on 2/6/14
ive been ok lol
Mrs.Buttons writes...
at 1:05:10pm on 2/3/14
hah you're right
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