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I am a very awkward to be around person. I have a skype but don't want to put it as a little blue orb on my profile. my skype is nickcool9999.
I very much like talking to people. Add me on Skype bruh pls.
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Every genre has its ups and downs, some more than others. If your music is good, I'll think it's good. Simple as that.
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I don't watch any. Sorry to disappoint you.
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Posted on: February 2, 2015, at 05:49:31pm   [3 comments]
34 - Garden Party

It should be 50 - Rat Twist :'c sniff!
Posted on: October 18, 2014, at 05:17:39am   [0 comments]
The Difficult Pack Engine R³ XML:

I add songs to this engine quite often, but I never posted about it until now (10/15/2014).
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_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 11:04:41pm on 7/13/15
where is The NICK?
Megz17 writes at 2:07:20am on 1/5/15
Anytime. (:
CammyGoesRawr writes at 12:12:19am on 12/25/14
Ofcourse! c:
CammyGoesRawr writes at 3:11:41pm on 12/24/14
:3 haii nick! and i've actually been not streaming because ever since I upgraded to the new Mac OS X version (Yosemite), flash player has been bugging me constantly. That goes for standalone and in any browser. Plus, i'm trying to quit FFR xD not as appealing to me anymore. Plus, DDR, ITG, and PIU are much more fun (:
Starlight562 writes at 7:20:11pm on 12/10/14
Beautiful! :D
One day I hope to play at that level as well. Best song.
Preg Jr writes at 2:40:10pm on 12/6/14
klimtkiller writes at 6:15:00pm on 11/18/14
lawl it says gorechestra is stepped by "klimitkiller" on the difficult pack enging
Rapta writes at 10:38:07am on 11/16/14
Score of 1 means eliminated.
Shiney01 writes at 9:22:47pm on 11/15/14
Okumura Hana writes at 8:24:05pm on 11/15/14
but why what