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hi, you can call me coal. 22 year old who's absolutely okay at rhythm games and gets called a gamer for it by friends who do not play rhythm games. my profile picture was drawn by my significant other.
shooters, rhythm games obviously, and writing. not like, storybook writing just. dumb things with characters i've made
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well, i'm a fan of a lot of metal and rock bands. some highlights of my music choices are a minor point by catch 22, any song by ghost (cirice or square hammer), and literally anything on the gh3 soundtrack. oh and i like friday night funkin music i guess since i'm outing myself here
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i'm including tv shows fight me. watch invincible on prime video. and netflix castlevania. but for movies, dark knight trilogy rooocks.
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Posted on: August 12, 2021, at 10:16:02am   [0 comments]
Still gonna try to do Revenge of the Unsent, but got DAM. Went from D2 absolute rust from not playing for a few years, to breaking into D4, getting bumped to D3 in the tournament, and getting all the way to 10th place. What a joruney. <3 you all, good luck to everyone still in!

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Kawaii025 writes...
at 6:36:14pm on 8/25/21
Can I has your skills for Odyssey? kthanx :3
GoPico! writes...
at 11:24:02am on 8/15/21
Bg pic:
GoPico! writes...
at 11:23:29am on 8/15/21
I have a new bg pic (the old one a had had last and a new pfp :D)
Federal Express writes...
at 10:46:33am on 8/12/21
tappy tappy tap
HBar writes...
at 1:44:20pm on 7/17/21
Thanks, I got it! And I'm really impressed by how you got the AAA right away in D2, skillboosted to D3, and then got a new AAA in D3 too.
Demonader writes...
at 12:34:01am on 7/14/21
Thank you! Good luck to you as well :)
HBar writes...
at 11:09:30pm on 7/6/21
Nice blackflag! I bet you can get it to a AAA
mdebourg writes...
at 12:40:08am on 1/3/11
mdebourg writes...
at 5:33:05pm on 1/2/11
hai hai how u been?
mdebourg writes...
at 7:09:48pm on 11/8/09
sorry i missed u :( on ffr but use ur msn plz:) i wanna rp with u soooo badly:)
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