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Let's see now.... Well I'm 16, I love to surf and hanging out at places like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. :D As of right now, I'm just trying to get finished with High School. Just one more year left, but I'm already stressing out over the college applications and stuff. I would really love to move back to Anaheim. I looooooove Disneyland so much. I could never get bored of it. It's also awesome walking through Downtown Disneyland and drinking Jamba Juice....(I used to do it with a girl I liked). I would really like to learn Arabic or French. I enjoy playing FFR to relieve some stress. I used to be very shy when I was like 13 but now I'm just very open and like to socialize. I like to joke around with my friends a lot. I'm actually a nice person if you were able to meet me in real life. Sometimes I like to think about my past. It's interesting how life is. I remember when schoolwork was so fucking easy, used to hang out with my cousins and play super smash brothers and yugioh cards, and lived in really nice places in Anaheim and Las Vegas. As time passes by, I wish more and more to relive my past (good) experiences again. I guess I'm realizing the harsh world full with responsibilities we live in as time goes on. Oh well.
Right now I'm into Final Fantasy 13 and Black Ops. I'll buy God of War 3 next...... (Don't hate. I just got my PS3 like 2 months ago). I like playing video games but I'm not one of those online gamers although I actually loved Black Ops. I love the beach so much and enjoy surfing. I want to go to some of the best beaches when I'm older. (Some have white sand and are so luxurious!!!!) I want to travel a lot and go to waterparks, themeparks, nice tourist areas, *cough maybe a few strip clubs *cough, etc.... Oh, and I LOOOOOOOOOVE rollercoasters. I enjoy spendning time with my family and eating together, watching movies, and hanging out sometimes. I love the food my mom makes. She cooks so fucking good. I swear I'm addicted. lawl.
Fav Music:
I love mostly rock and metal. Oh, and I recently got into liking really good dubstep. Hmm I'll name some bands I like. Alesana, Asking Alexandria, RED, Three Days Grace, 30 seconds to mars (love the kill along with other songs),The Devil wears Prada, Pyschostick, Atreyu, Scary kids scarring kids, etc...
Fav Movies:
Final Fantasy 7, I kinda like all the Harry Potter movies (mainly 4-7 though), 300, Juno, The Hangover, 1408, X-men 1-3, Source code (awesome movie Imma buy on DVD soon), Avatar (the one about Pandora), all the Fast and the Furious movies, The Final Destination series, I also like the Mummy series, The clash of the Titans (recent one), The scorpian king, Streetfighter (recent one also), The Girl Next Door, Epic Movie, Inception, Insidious, Sinbad, Resident Evil (I wish I could shoot zombies), Tomb raider, SALT, (I've had a big crush on Angelie Jolie ever since I was little, and now that I'm a teen, I just wanna fuck her. Just being honest here yo. Don't hate), etc..... I also like cartoon movies like The Lion King and a few others. I love comedy, action, and horror movies. I like lots of other movies, but this is just so that you can have an idea of the type of movies I like.
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Posted on: November 6, 2009, at 02:15:18pm   [4 comments]

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Missdeltona07 writes...
at 7:25:25pm on 2/17/12
Lol yea mt... He's amazing! I hope we can hangout and stuff.
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 6:19:03pm on 2/17/12
Lol he's so dumb xD! I already know he wanted me to call him. He's finding everything in his power to see me lol. Ty for reminding me hon lol. I'm texting him lmfao. Love ya! <3
ladyxgigglezx1821 writes...
at 11:57:03am on 2/12/12
heyyyyy how are youuu
sweet cherry writes...
at 12:55:31pm on 12/24/11
rusty_spoons writes...
at 2:36:29am on 10/12/11
Yo It's been a while, prolly gonna be a while more. I'll see ya again when I gets some internets
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 6:05:36am on 9/15/11
Dude ur mp lvl!!!! D:<
Salvation125 writes...
at 8:11:23pm on 8/2/11
Okay! Cool! :D
WSCB writes...
at 9:43:56am on 8/2/11
I'm sorry. Lightning has been taken already. :3
xXOpkillerXx writes...
at 7:38:51pm on 7/29/11
Here it is haha. She rly pretty
xXOpkillerXx writes...
at 6:32:12pm on 7/29/11
The 3 of them with us, make it a fivesome man xD I never compare this to reality though because it's like aiming for perfection... Computer made characters have a perfect skin, no tiny imperfections, epic hairs, you know... but yeah, if they were real, I'd love to get some. xp Tifa's a sexy one too. :)
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