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im an otaku!! if you don't know what that means well you don't know half my life! I'm also a raver!! i'm trying to learn to learn to shuffle and i love wolves!(you might be able to tell that by my name) *howls* they're the greatest! and i get really hyper!(almost all the time), I like to play sports right now im in volleyball and soft ball.(it gives me a sense of pack familarity and helps with the hyperness) and im OCD,ADHD, dislyxic, bipolar, short-tempered and other things i don't remember OH A BUTTERFLY@@@@!!!! i want to learn how to play the guitar, violen, and piano
anime manga music art japanese! my pack! my friends making new friends other stuff i can't think of right now
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Anou..... Etou...... lots of stuff! MCR alterntative forign music! classic techno other stuff. All time low, chiodos, amor for sleep, attack, bring me the horizon, good charlote, panic! at the disco
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anime movies star wars charlie and the chocolate factory, pirates of the carribean Lord of the rings!!
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it's a territory thing(a probaly not so short stor
Posted on: August 6, 2009, at 06:43:57pm   [2 comments]
I walked down the hall in my school. It’s a normal school. Just like your’s or anyone else’s. The too bright florescent lights. Tiles that made the floor, lockers lined the walls. I….
I ran into someone. I was too deep in my thoughts that I did. “I apologize for… OH it’s you” I stare at the boy who was slightly taller than me.
“Watch out you freak!” He growled.
“Why don’t you tuck you tail and run along” I chuckled at the image of him doing that.
“Why don’t you? Reverse emo?” He sneered. Barring his teeth he glared.
“Our ‘parents’ agreed that this is neutral grounds” I informed him.
He continued to glare at me till one of the girls from his lil’ pack of friends called out “Jason, we need to get to class come on.”
That was Jason. He’s for lack of words troublesome, difficult, and irritating(ok maybe that’s not exactly what you would call a lack of words but none the less). His hair is a rich dark chocolate brown that‘s a little longer than a crew cut.. His eye’s tend to be a dark frozen tundra of a blue, but I’ve notice when he’s happy it’s a couple of shades lighter. He’s about six foot one. And I have to act like I hate every inch of him.
Oh!! I forgot. You really don’t know me yet do you? I’m Ryan! I’m a chick just so you know. I really don’t like it when people mistake me for a guy! I mean really? Any way I have a short-ish hair cut dropping to about my shoulders and my bangs swooped to the side. It was a pale blonde that contradicted my bright forest green eyes. I was five foot five and that’s about as tall as I’m going to get.
Now I’m almost positive (unless your part of my family or Jason’s) that you have no idea what the those comments mean. when Jason say’s reverse emo he means instead of cutting myself. I cut others in a sense. And when I said ‘tuck you r tail and run along’ I mean he really has a tail. He’s a wolf. Now here’s the part where you say ‘ great its one of those kinds of stories’. And I guess it might be, but you will never know if you don’t read on.

love kills(short story)
Posted on: August 6, 2009, at 04:18:16pm   [4 comments]
this is a short story by me! i thought i would post it. if ya'll like it i'll post more but if ya'll don't i probably won't. idk though

A young collage age girl walks into her home. Jessica lived alone just outside of the university, because she didn’t think she deserved to be with any human. She is what she called a fantasy. A wolf in sheep’s skin or human in this case. Scratching her nose she mumbled to herself “Gawd I can’t get the smell of human out of my nose” There were other fantasies at the university, but they mostly ignored her. She was different more human like. Regular human strength regular human looks. Almost a regular human except for the stronger senses part. Other than that she was a regular lonesome ‘emo’ girl with black hair and green eyes. “Not even a pet to greet me.” She sighed then chuckled “ But I guess I should be use to this by now”
“Are you so sure there’s no one waiting for you?” a voice from the shadows asked.
“ WHAT THE…!!” Jessica screamed clutching her heart. As she squinted in to the darkness she questioned “ Draco… Is that you?”
Draco was a stunning bleach blonde vampire. With ice blue eyes that seemed that if you look too deep into them that you’ll get frost bite.
“ Of course love. Who else would it be?” Draco stated walking out of the shadows.
“ Ummmmm….. I… Don’t know. You wouldn’t me my first choice to be the one hiding in my house. You usually ignore me and make jokes that make the girls giggle and point at me.”
“ Well I’m tired of being someone I’m not. I’m tired of seeing you being alone because we won’t except you and you won’t let yourself near humans.” Draco leaned closer to Jessica then whispered against her lips “ I’m tired of not being close to you.”
Jessica scoffed and backed up “ Yea and I will turn into one of your giggle girls that hangs on to your every word.” Walking to the Kitchen she added “ In case you haven’t noticed I’m not the kind of girl that’s envied. Not one that’s wanted.” Grabbing a soda and turning “ So what makes you think I’ll believe that B.S when you can be with the popular girls”
“ Because it’s true Jessica” Grabbed her by her forearms and looked into her eyes. Jessica tuned away. Could she really believe him? Was he telling the truth. Secretly she wanted him to be telling the truth. She wanted his attention instead of cruel jokes at her sake.
She whimpered and tried to pull away, but he was stronger. There was no way she could escape. He dug his fingers deeper into her arms. He wanted her to believe him so bad “ Draco let go your hurting me. Your making me bleed.”
He loosened his grip “ Oh. I’m sorry let me clean that” He leaned down and licked her newly punctured skin. His lust for her blood increased. She whimpered and looked away. And Draco couldn’t help but thinking that his plan was going well. He looked up “ Don’t be afraid my dear.” he leaned forward and softly kissed her.
She pulled her arm away and nearly shouted “ Dude why don’t you just go home and stop bothering me. Stop telling me all these lies.” She stormed off to her room. Draco took a deep breath and let it out slowly. And repeated the process. Then he walked to fallow her.
Jessica heard his footsteps close behind hers. “ Look Draco. I don’t care what your trying to do. I just want you to leave me alone! I’m use to it. In fact I’m starting to like it. Maybe love it.” She turned around to make sure her point was getting across.

the disaperence of len
Posted on: August 4, 2009, at 08:36:55pm   [0 comments]

nigahiga twilight!
Posted on: June 24, 2009, at 03:49:40pm   [5 comments]

that's classy(not classic) breathe carolina
Posted on: June 17, 2009, at 03:40:57pm   [0 comments]

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Dr.Wily writes...
at 3:25:02pm on 10/17/13
Haha, It has been a long time
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at 7:51:33pm on 9/7/13
What grade are you now ?
Cloud_Strife15 writes...
at 1:43:50pm on 5/29/13
nice profile and avi :)
Dr.Wily writes...
at 10:53:14pm on 5/28/13
Haha, Same. School is almost over for me ! Just about 1 week left ! :D
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at 10:19:39pm on 5/28/13
Oh my goodness gracious..I love you!
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I've never been able to find Kaliedo anywhere other than youtube and even then sometimes theyre everywhere.
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at 6:28:36pm on 5/27/13
Thanks !
So, What have you been doing ?
$ecret.LuX writes...
at 4:54:37pm on 5/23/13
Awesome, mine as well. I think some of my firsts were Wolf's Rain, Kaleido Star, and Ranma 1/2.
Dr.Wily writes...
at 9:56:32am on 5/23/13
I ran the 4X100 I was the second leg
$ecret.LuX writes...
at 3:07:35pm on 5/22/13
Do you like Wolf's Rain?
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