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SD_dk writes...
at 9:31:50pm on 12/20/15
coolness thank you Buttons (:hope you do good in school too(: well hit me up w.e
SD_dk writes...
at 5:10:47pm on 12/14/15
dang lucky you, I wanna get back into schooling myself but I currently in the struggle I'e been trying to find a job, nothing yet.. so i can pay on my Student loan, also what i'm goin to school for is Software System Engineering Specialist.. things like managing Networking Servers, just the whole get-up, I love me computer Tech's and well glad your doing great
many Prayers to you and your schooling and your job, sorry you gots zero time to chill but good that you get lil time of Resting and such
good to hear from you tho! (:
Csw_Dragon writes...
at 12:12:22am on 11/19/15
Lol Hey. Sorry I'm not replying very often. I rarely come to this game anymore. But yea. A lot of stuff happened and we WERE really good buddies. Even were friends on facebook I believe. Not sure about that one but I'm pretty sure you were haha. Is there a PM option for FFR? I can't find anything on here anymore :P I would be cool to talk again :D
Best Regards
-Alex Hernandez
SD_dk writes...
at 1:39:22pm on 11/18/15
ahh snap crackle and puff kind of situation huh haha well damage how ya been Buttons(: havent spoken to you in ages.. life good i see(: well hope to hear from you soon(:
Nibbles Da Awsome writes...
at 8:56:17pm on 8/16/15
Heya there. Been about 2 years since I have ever talked to you. :] Hope you are online sometime so we can play.
SD_dk writes...
at 6:46:45pm on 5/29/15
Ello o.O remember me??
Csw_Dragon writes...
at 5:27:59am on 5/15/15
Sorry Buttons, I barely come on this game nowadays. My name is Alex. We had talked a lot in the past and then some unfortunate stuff came up and I acted like a child and lost your friendship. It has been years though so I don't expect you to remember me or anything that happened. The only thing I can say to maybe get you to remember is to check your old facebook convos. Look for Alex Hernandez. Maybe we can talk again as cool friends :D sorry for the late response though >.<
ahernan2 writes...
at 3:17:20am on 3/11/15
Hey Buttons. Not sure if you remember me or not haha. I just logged on and thought I would like through my friends list and see who's been on and Who I remember. It's been awhile. How have you been ??
sean147 writes...
at 10:39:36am on 7/14/14
SD_dk writes...
at 3:37:37pm on 2/7/14
hell yea glad to hear yo(: yup just chillin right now bout to bust some gaming lol and what about you?
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