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Stared playing VSRG games since about May 2020 (FFR being my first rhythm game). Since then, trying to improve. Current Goals: FFR: Reach D6. Etterna: Attain 22 MSD . Quaver: Be able to S 35's. osu! Mania : Be able to S 5.5*.
Programming,Piano,Beatboxing, Other Rhythm Games I play other than FFR include Etterna(Since July 2020),Quaver(Since July 2020) and Osu! Mania (Since September 2020)
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Officially completed 6 months in FFR
Posted on: November 4, 2020, at 06:47:22pm   [0 comments]
Today, I have officially completed 6 months in FFR and VSRG games in general. It has been a wonderful experience playing this game. I started out completely having no idea about VSRG's but with practice and patience , I have managed to bet better at this game every month. I actually haven't recorded the exact dates I got promoted to a new division. Wish there was a system that could track the division progression (or maybe I'm not aware of it). Below, is a list of accomplishments I have achieved so far in this game (This is a rough data and I shall update it if I am able to figure out the accurate dates):

-> 5 May 2020: Signed up and was trying to figure out whether I should play upscroll or downscroll. Decided to choose downscroll.

-> Around June 2020: Started out with D1. Started out with Easiest level songs. At this point Standard and Tricky songs were hard for me. Difficult level songs were impossible for me.

-> Around July 2020: Reached D2. At this point, I read this forum post (***********) and thus installed and started playing Etterna (Thanks to FirstMaple8 for the forum post). Also installed and started playing Quaver at this point. 50+ songs were hard for me.

-> Around August 2020: Reached D3. Now, 60-70 range songs were manageable. 70+ songs were impossible for me. At this time, I started playing multiplayer matches and met new people.

-> Around September 2020: Reached D4. Took part in Badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness which helped me significantly improve (Placed 2nd for D4).At this point, 70-75 level songs were manageable and 75+ songs were hard for me.

-> 29 September 2020: Reached D5 and started playing osu! mania.

-> October 2020 : Still D5. Right now, 75-84 are manageable and 85+ songs are hard for me.

-> End of November 2020: Hopefully reach D6

Overall, it has been an amazing experience for me to interact with a lot of people in this community through forums as well as through the discord server. I'm super excited to meet new people over here.

I am eager to know where I would be standing after an year. Hopefully, I don't hit a skill wall and get stuck.

Thank you for reading till here, and hope you have a wonderful day.

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Of course! I think one of the developers is doing something with it to prevent that in the future. It's a really weird flash thing
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Congrats on D5!!
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congrats on d5 friend welcome to the club <3
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D5 D5!
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