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Once upon a time..... I was in love with this site.
Music. Concerts. Final Fantasy. The rain. Tokidoki. Sushi. Urban Decay. Hello Kitty. Lockets. Raves. Winter. perfume. Stars. Taeyang. Left for Dead. Harajuku Lovers. Pocky. Zune. Lace. Sleep.
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A Day To Remember. Underoath. Sleeping With Sirens. Norma Jean. Parkway Drive.
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Posted on: October 4, 2012, at 09:32:35pm   [0 comments]
Awww T.o.p :') Who cares if you don't get all of the girls, we still love you!! <3

This goes out to all of my long lost friends ;D
Posted on: September 16, 2012, at 09:40:11pm   [6 comments]
Hey! So I realize that this site doesn't hold nearly as much value to me as it once did. So! That being said, feel free to add me on Facebook :) Gosh... the memories with some of you were just too amazing to be forgotten <3
Anways, add me: Lauren Polchies


Secret mission : phase 1
Posted on: March 8, 2009, at 09:29:16am   [4 comments]
well ive really been thinking alot on the subject ever since me and my friend devised the plan, and ive come to the conclusion that a guitar made entirely out of candy, lolipop candy, would be the perfect solution to everything! then at the end of the show if the lead guitarist decides the passion of Rock has taken full control of him, and smashes the guitar, it shall result in a beautiful shower of sparkles!! :that tastes great too ;)

Think you're good at drawing??
Posted on: February 18, 2009, at 04:43:11pm   [8 comments]
well, you might be, but you havent seen my friend Kaien18's drawings! each one is amazing and uniquely drawn to epic proportions! Take a look and see what i mean XD

Favorite Quotes.
Posted on: December 30, 2008, at 09:57:12pm   [9 comments]
I know these are pretty stupid, but they were actually kinda funny XD
and they're all inside jokes xD
"um.... actually, it's kinda weird... and it doesn't remind me of yuna and tidus....
sorry, but it seriously doesn't........"
~Stephanie Nov.2008
"The memories came to me like a flood in 24 degree weather"
~me dec 2008
"Your son is very skilled" "Thanks, So is yours"
~School of Rock, 2003

Pah: Hey look a mint! it's mine!!
Steph: No, it's mine.
Pah: Can I have it?
Steph: No!
Pah: Crap!!!!!!
~Steph and Pah, summer 2008
"What!?!?! No......"
~Yicdeh, 2008
"Get rid of the BM!!!!!!!!!"
~me XD nov 2008
"That's what alcohol's for"
~Pah 2008
"I'm a bullfrog! I'm a bullfrog!! I'm not a human, I'm a bullfrog! I'm a bullfrog!! yea!!!
~Pah, summer 2006
"You're next"
~yicdeh, november 2008
"Yo mama's so fat that yo face is ugly!!"
~Pah, Summer 2007
"To me, these people are doomed... like my favorite song says... "The only way to fix it it's to flush it all away"... society has to start over, because people reeeaally screwed up music >:/ You know what a lot of people here are into???? FUNK.... but not the kind of funk you're probably thinking, it's something else entirely...... you see these kids with their cellphones on the street, buses, listening to that crap soo freakin loudly that you want to throw them out the window!!! I suggest you to not even search it to find out what it is, you're gonna be scarred for life."
~Shippuden, September 2012

Comment wall
Awww_muffin writes...
at 11:59:09am on 2/23/14
who be you?
ShadowMist writes...
at 1:57:58pm on 1/21/13
Hey! (: I've just came on though, haha.
I'm actually in UK right now! Exchange prog thingy. Staying for around 6 onths. It's so snowy and cold now though. >: I want summmerrrrrrr. And ice creammmm. Haha. How are you??!! (:
shippuuden writes...
at 4:45:45pm on 11/7/12
Nheee...not really. College has been oficially consuming all my life for a while now :/ I want vacation sooo baaaad /o\ Nhe...
I DID read about it actually!! But I don't really understand, like... how can Ronnie just kick them off the tour???? Since when is he in that position?? And to let them play in exchange for their money?!?!? WHAT???? Gah! srsly, I thought he was better than that :/ Not really a fan of FIR though xD And the fact that I listen to I See Stars quite a lot since you showed me, it makes me feel kind of bad for them :/
Lestat D' Lioncourt writes...
at 10:34:12pm on 10/22/12
Thanks 4 the +.... Beauty
shadow 1800 writes...
at 12:55:41pm on 10/18/12
You are welcome haha :), sorry for the late reply though so excuse me. I've been really busy with midterms xD
x-SarangHae-x writes...
at 1:37:18pm on 10/16/12
Hey c: I like the song that's under your random thoughts ^^ 집에 가지마 baby~ Hahahaha. So what are you up to?
shippuuden writes...
at 5:37:56pm on 10/13/12
When I saw this, I thought this is so... you xD
ChloeCannibal writes...
at 10:14:10am on 10/13/12
Yeah no worrues,
you too!!
CrayonChaos writes...
at 10:11:35am on 10/13/12
=D Awww! Thank you. X]
X-2 Is my favorite FF game :D IX is second, lol.
There are a few conventions here in TX. San Japan was the one I always go to, though. People from all over the world go to these conventions, and this one had 8,000 people, lol. The people took up several hotels downtown, but the convention part was in 2 hotels.
shippuuden writes...
at 2:12:58pm on 10/12/12
lol Yup, he fails indeed... sounds like a bunch of robots humping and kids yelling 'OMG!!!' x/
Those are definetly waaayyy nicer... they are great for drumming too >.< I've been downloading songs left and right because of them!
The Nero video is the best!! With that classic anime look and stylish androgynous characters xD
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