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I am a classic video game console collector, Pokémon card collector, figurine collector, pixel artist (draw 8-bit video game characters by hand), martial artist, cosplay hats collector & guitarist (electric, acoustic & bass). I love hugs as well :D
Cartoons, hugs, all forms of art, hugs, martial arts, hugs, and randomness... plus hugs :3
Fav Music:
Pretty much everything. Just depends what mood I'm in.
Fav Movies:
I don't really go out and watch movies very much, but I prefer comedy.
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sikavonangel writes at 6:15:10pm on 5/18/14
OMG I love the background. <3
spartanumaw writes at 3:16:26pm on 7/31/13
hey how are you?
wethemachine writes at 11:01:43pm on 5/1/13
nm just relaxing wbu
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 3:32:00pm on 4/28/13
Silly girl
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 7:11:21pm on 4/22/13
wethemachine writes at 10:21:54pm on 4/20/13
hugs are my fav too :D <3 lol
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 12:39:17pm on 4/20/13
Yup was susposed to be smaller
wethemachine writes at 3:05:26pm on 4/19/13
omg! i love free hugs lol :D
wethemachine writes at 10:44:53pm on 4/16/13
that's good :D
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 10:24:41pm on 4/15/13
Damn that pic was big