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KtCatastrophic writes...
at 10:51:56am on 8/22/21
xMUSICxMASTERx writes...
at 10:50:28pm on 7/29/21
Awww_muffin writes...
at 2:18:59am on 1/2/21
I've loved for for about 12 years now
Kagome writes...
at 3:48:22am on 7/16/15
You should be all set to post.
Kagome writes...
at 8:12:49pm on 7/15/15
Sorry for the late reply. Looking into this now.
_.Spitfire._ writes...
at 10:37:47am on 11/23/13
Profile chat still exists? It's right there on your profile to the right of your user info.
_.Spitfire._ writes...
at 9:38:12am on 11/23/13
What do you mean? lol
Sky Kitten writes...
at 1:47:53pm on 9/9/13
I see you too.
P.S. The comment you pointed out on Skype was me referring to your "About Me". :P
WindowsVista writes...
at 9:46:41pm on 9/8/13
...cuz I understand what that means. Good for you man1!!!!@#!31211!@#!31!#@!#!Proud of YOU. YEA.
Hazelle writes...
at 8:39:00pm on 9/8/13
just pm it to me haha. ez pz. ^^
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