Songs of the Week 05/23/21

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on May 23rd, 2021

Some more songs coming your way!

Back Out
Musician: RiraN
Step Artist: WirryWoo
Song Length: 2:12
Difficulty: 65

Champ Car
Musician: naotyu-
Step Artist: bmah
Song Length: 1:45
Difficulty: 70

Musician: Rise Against
Step Artist: storn42
Song Length: 3:58
Difficulty: 77

Musician: Venetian Snares
Step Artist: ositzxz369
Song Length: 4:06
Difficulty: 80



6 Responses to “Songs of the Week 05/23/21”

  1. RIRAN

  2. get ccuked

  3. this song is hard af but ok

  4. i cant keep up with these weekly songs :D

  5. it’s fine, just let the songs pile up and play them all at another day

  6. Loving all these new Rise Against and Disturbed charts. Maybe more Protest the Hero next? :3

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