Official 2006 FFR R1 Tournament!

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Hi! Welcome to the Official 2006 FFR R1 Tournament! The one and only Shashakiro will be organizing this year’s tournament and as such, will not be eligible for competition. This tournament is for players of any and all skill levels, from the barest beginners to the most seasoned veterans. It’s free to join, and there are actual cash prizes for the winners! $250 in prizes to be exact!

Sign up for the tournament by posting in this thread. To be eligible for the tournament, you must have played at least 150 games of FFR. There are no other signup restrictions, except for one: if you have more than one account, please sign up with your main account only (i.e. the one you use the most).

Signups will end on Sunday, September 10, at 11:00 PM eastern, and the first round will start when the thread for the first round is posted.

(read more in this news story for details or in this official thread HERE.)

Tournament Rules and Overview

In this tournament, there will be three divisions: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. When you sign up, I will place you in one of these divisions based on your accomplishments in FFR–you cannot just “sign up” for any specific division. There are 128 possible spots in Beginner, 48 spots in advanced, and 16 in Expert–192 spots total. If all the spots aren’t filled, I’ll determine what the numbers for each division will be and use those.

When signups are over, I will determine seed numbers for the top players in each division. These players will simply be guaranteed not to play each other in the first few rounds of the tournament. They get no other advantage.

When the first round of the tournament starts and with each new round after that, I will announce the main song, the tiebreak song, and the matchups for that round. Your goal is to get and submit a higher score on the main song than your opponent.

-You can only play the specified main song for that round (assuming the tiebreaker is unnecessary).

-When you think you have a score you want to submit, take a screenshot of it and send it to me via forum PM or email at If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, follow these steps:
1. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.
2. Go into Paint (Start>Programs>Accessories) or another imaging program and hit Ctrl-V, which should make the screenshot pop up on the screen.
3. Save the screenshot somewhere in your computer.
4. Go to an image hosting site, such as or, and upload the screenshot from your computer.
5. Send me a link to the screenshot via forum PM or email.

-You can submit any number of screenshots to me. I will only count your last one. Do not submit any scores that are lower than previously submitted scores, or you will be credited with the lower score.

-Your screenshots must be from some time after the round starts. This means that you cannot submit a screenshot of a score you got months ago, or even the day before that round starts. If you are caught submitting an old screenshot (and you WILL be caught if you try) you will be immediately disqualified.

-If you and your opponent both get a perfect score for the song, I will put the message “***AAA TIE–PLAY TIEBREAKER***” next to your names in the matchups list, which means you two must play and submit scores for the tiebreaker song as if it was the main song. If you and your opponent are tied at some point without a perfect score, the message will be “***UNDER AAA TIE–IMPROVE SCORE OR PLAY TIEBREAKER***”, which means that you can still improve your score, but if neither player improves their score before the round ends, scores from the tiebreaker song will determine the winner.

-If you do not submit a score by the end of the round, you will be considered to have gotten a score of 0 on the song. If there is a tie of two scores of 0, or if two players tie on the tiebreaker song, a coinflip will determine the winner of that round.

-Don’t bother trying to cheat, you’ll be caught and immediately disqualified. Using “secret arrows” and getting a higher combo than should normally be possible is considered cheating unless specified otherwise (I’ll make it very clear if I decide to use the song where this could be a confusion). It’s also cheating to somehow try to secretly play in a lower division than you are placed in. Cheating will not be tolerated, and any evidence of cheating will result in disqualification. Also note that trying to piss me off by trying to bend the rules or trying to find loopholes will get you disqualified.

-The time at which the round ends will be posted when the thread for that round is posted. After that time, the round is over and no more scores will be accepted.

After each round ends, I’ll tally up the scores and post the results of who won, who lost, and the statistics of each score for each player at the start of the next round. Note that losing once does not necessarily eliminate you from the tournament–I’ll make it clear who is still in the tournament when I post the results. It is impossible to lose twice in the tournament and not be eliminated.

At the end of up to seven weeks, there will be one winner from each division. The division winners will win the following prizes:

Expert: $100
Advanced: $80
Beginner: $70
Well, that’s it! Hope you have fun playing! Remember, posting in this thread means that you’re signing up. I’m not going to bother un-signing people up, so don’t post unless you’re sure you want to sign up.

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  1. cool

  2. Excellent been waiting for quite awhile! Prize money Here I come!

  3. Good Luck guys, we’re all going to need it.

  4. Im in for the tournament. I presume ill be in begginer but its up to you. Hope people get behind this properly and thanks for setting up and running this tournament. :)

  5. windsurfer-you have to sign up in the thread for your signup to count lol

  6. all right!

  7. Good idea. :P

  8. HEY finally a place to show off someskils in the moderate level, im in guys, for sure

  9. can i like join for the fun of it? ^_^

  10. I want in, this is going to be sweet.

  11. Can we submit our scores in a different way, i dont have a digital camera :(

  12. you dont need a camera lol

  13. I am soooo freaking sad that I am banned omg. I really want to enter this tournament. Come on guys…Please…Enter me In plz…I really really want to enter this.

  14. Im definetly in. this sounds sweet.CASH!

  15. heck ya im a noob but i hope i win lol

  16. oh now this is going to be fun =D

  17. shashakiro you rule dude this is sweet

  18. yo i want in :D anyways how do we know who gets in the tournament whos vsing who and stuff will there be something put up so we know?

  19. I know I’m laik fucken excited 8).

  20. i signed up, but im wondering who i face, this is cool.

  21. Im up for the tourney …

  22. and if we’re banned from the forums? we cant join?

  23. Hmm…the thread is locked because alot of people signed up. Goodness me. Oh well, there are other times. =P

  24. aww man….is it my time? i’m not all that, but i’m curious as to how far i’ll get!

  25. ooook, take that back. Slayed, there’s no space left, ugh. When’s tha next one? i’m tryin 2 do somethin! if there’s available sapce cause somebody doesn’t wanna do it, slip me in.

  26. dam i was in church when it closed… was filled already probably

  27. Boo, I was working

  28. haha, ol dude said “dam” and “church” in tha same sentence. too crunk for me, but i feel him tho, cause i’m in tha exact same boat.

  29. this sucks, cause it’s 3:30 and you cont sign up.

  30. Good luck everybody :D

  31. Shash can’t join, meaning we actually have a chance at winning XD

  32. I was in church too T_T


  34. t.T

  35. Great, I cant join because I was gone somewhere…damn it

  36. Signups will end on Sunday, September 10, at 11:00 PM eastern, and the first round will start when the thread for the first round is posted.

    It’s 9:03 PM and I cant sign up?! …

  37. How cool.

  38. The signups ended a long time ago. He said so in one of his post. The slots filled up much faster than expected so he had to cut the time to sign up short, hence the locked thread. Only the people on his Uber-God list can still enter now :)

  39. I want in…

  40. likely there will be more of these. stay tuned, with school starting up and several sitewide projects stabilizing, likely FFR will do more of these.

  41. omfg… i just missed the time limit!! i want in still!

  42. u didnt just miss it… its been closed for a while bud

  43. lol i missed by a long time. thats what school does. id probly do alrite

  44. he should have startreed it on a day other than sunday
    beacuse today is teh sabbath

  45. no darnit
    i wanted to join !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…its 11 57 pacific gah !!!!!!

  46. Where will the post with pairings be, and when will it come up?

  47. First round has started, check out the thread in FFR General.

  48. Aww, crap, I missed the signups. Well, good luck to all the players, and I make sure I see about entering the next one if there is a next one.

  49. You had a reserved spot, too…but came too late =(

  50. actually maybe not…give me a forum PM if you want in

  51. hey

  52. wer is the tourniment

  53. Bull in my opinion. I signed up before the actual announcement was made, yet I’m not in the tournament.

  54. so excited
    in so bad

  55. i’m taking a chance that i feel pretty good about

  56. i didnt want to go in the tournament…then worse im in begginer (i wanted to join for fun ^_^)

  57. This sounds like fun… My skill level isn’t *too* bad. Good luck everyone ^^

  58. IM in all the way

  59. damn i didnt have internet yesterday and now i find out, :p

  60. can i join !!??

  61. how can ijoin

  62. You cant join anymore wait till next tourney.

  63. NOooooooooooooooo!!!! I missed sign ups!

  64. Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not in… So…. Nooooooooooooooo!!!

  65. dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. ?

  68. Hi.

  69. Man. I missed this by a long shot. (was gone from computers for a month)

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