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I'm a guy.....And that's about it
Anime, Final Fantasy (all), NINJAS,Games known as Legend Of Dragoon, Legend Of Legaia, Legend Of Zelda, Parasite Eve 1 and 2, Black, Grand Theft Auto, Manga, Ninjutsu, Karate, Taijutsu and also Taekwondo.
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Converted to Hardstyle all the way.
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Starship Troopers, The Matrix (all), Star Wars (all), Saving Private Ryan, Naruto movies, Blade(all) and Bleach movies.
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MoooPuffs writes at 1:25:25pm on 3/8/13
Kiyoshi_Okazaki-San writes at 9:34:21pm on 10/30/12
Oh, haha! When I came back to FFR, it showed you at the upper right corner instead of me, so I thought maybe others were seeing you, too! :p
Kiyoshi_Okazaki-San writes at 6:22:15pm on 10/30/12
...What on Earth? I can't be the only one. -confused-
3lijah writes at 6:18:56pm on 10/30/12
Poisoncage writes at 11:14:12pm on 12/7/09
Happy Birthday, stranger.
The_Halomaster writes at 6:05:42am on 9/29/09
Nice profile, stats, anime download links and playing time =)
The Dead Man writes at 5:10:35am on 5/24/09
sasuke is awesome
chidoriz14 writes at 9:57:35pm on 2/22/09
u rock for this u get:
#Number writes at 10:27:12am on 2/4/09
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AeonShadow writes at 6:38:41pm on 12/30/08
Ya, I am back in Aeon's suit again. Time the forums got a taste of AeonShadow again. Nah jk,... uh wanna become forum crashers eh?