No SOTW, just a single song instead.

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on August 27th, 2022

GMs are away, post Time Signature today!

Time Signature
Musician: kyou1110 & Takuya Namba
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 1:21
Song Style: Experimental IDM
Difficulty: 103
Arrow Count: 1238

Also Known As:
7/8→6/8→7/8→6/8→7/8→6/8→17/16→10/8→3/4→7/8→14/16→6/8 →9/8→4/4→7/8→6/8→1/16→7/4→4/4→13/16→5/8→3/4→14/16 →4/4→14/16→10/16→5/16→7/8→ 3/4→11/16→7/8→3/4→9/8→7/8→4/4→3/4→5/4→7/8→3/8

Also it’s a secret file for 250k credits.

- Velocity

13 Responses to “No SOTW, just a single song instead.”

  1. GS is GM, but he’s here as we speak :woozy_face:

  2. Use the full title name you cowards.

  3. 2,999 songs to play!

  4. Pretty sure I am awake. Wait a minute, is that chlorof-…

  5. your mom

  6. chlorofill… by VENETIAN SNARES

  7. huh

  8. Neat.

  9. nice

  10. Neat.

  11. 23/16

  12. Neat.

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