FFR’s 15th Official Tournament – Round 5

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Song of the Week, Tournament on July 30th, 2022

You can also check the 15th Official Tournament thread for more info.

We are now rolling full steam ahead towards establishing the top 8 players for each division! Whether you are still in the race or have fallen out, this is bound to be one of the more excruciating, competitive rounds to-date. Many divisions have already secured their top 16 during the previous round, but all divisions will see their top 8 players by the end of this round! Check out the songs below that they will be fighting on:

Division 2:
Musician: Tokyo Machine
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 2:44
Song Style: Electro House
Difficulty: 51
Arrow Count: 1022

Division 3:
Starrise Midnight
Musician: Aiel Eltlinde
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Length: 2:09
Song Style: Jazzy Piano Instrumental
Difficulty: 61
Arrow Count: 973

Division 4:
cat1 cat2 and cat3
Musician: Nekomimi Sampling
Step Artist: ositzxz369
Song Length: 1:52
Song Style: Techno Pop
Difficulty: 71
Arrow Count: 1310

Division 5:
Keep Shredding, Little Man!
Musician: Jake Kaufman
Step Artist: Tru
Song Length: 3:25
Song Style: Funky Game Music
Difficulty: 85
Arrow Count: 2447

Division 6:
Musician: Morimori Atsushi
Step Artist: bmah
Song Length: 2:06
Song Style: Hard Renaissance
Difficulty: 93
Arrow Count: 1690

Division 7:
Comatose State
Musician: Spire
Step Artist: Pizza69
Song Length: 2:11
Song Style: Breakcore
Difficulty: 101
Arrow Count: 1771

Division 8:
res extensa
Musician: adamthix
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Length: 2:25
Song Style: Techno
Difficulty: 111
Arrow Count: 3533

Extra Song:
Revenge (ReeK’s “Dude, What’s A Genre?” Remix)
Musician: ReeK
Step Artist: gold stinger
Song Length: 4:35
Song Style: Genre Mashup
Difficulty: 105
Arrow Count: 3844

We’ve also got some Skill Tokens this time around to appease some of the more skill-centric people looking to add a few unlocks to their collection!

Invenzione No. 3N&3R: Sonatina for a Dying Lord
Musician: pm04034
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 3:06
Song Style: Baroque Speedcore
Difficulty: 88
Arrow Count: 2494

Nisemono [Full Version]
Musician: Frums
Step Artist: Pizza69
Song Length: 6:08
Song Style: Experimentronica
Difficulty: 99
Arrow Count: 4136

Szamar Madar v2
Musician: Venetian Snares
Step Artist: Wiosna
Song Length: 2:21
Song Style: Symphonic Breakcore
Difficulty: 68
Arrow Count: 1469

Furthermore, you may notice that some Event Token songs have become public for everyone to play! We’re rotating out some of the older Event Tokens so as to not overwhelm new players with an ever-increasing participation requirement to unlock everything, and bring some of these great files locked behind closed doors! Check out the weekly release thread for more info.

And of course, here is your list of new artists for this week. Make sure to give them some love if you like the work they are putting out!

pm04034SoundCloud | Twitter | YouTube

ReeKSoundCloud | Twitter

adamthixBMS Page

Nekomimi SamplingSoundCloud | Twitter

Aiel EltlindeSoundCloud | Twitter | Discogs

We hope you enjoy the slew of new songs for this week, we will see you next week!
- gold stinger, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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  1. Did I win?

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  3. btw ot signups are closed

  4. cant believe d6 got re:end of a dream v2

  5. I really really wanted to join this tournament =p but I missed it sadly ;(

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