April Fools, SotW and Weekly Update 4/01/2022

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Hey everyone, Welcome to the April Fools takeover of FFR’s Front Page! There’s plenty happening today and for the week ahead of us. So bunker down, set your keybinds (or not), and let’s get this under way.

StepCon 2022 has begun, and the competition is underway! Participants over the next two weeks will be pouring their blood, sweat and tears into making some of the very best step-content out there. If you didn’t sign-up, no worries! There will be a Public Judging week Starting on April 15th to decide which versions of the competition’s songs will go in-game. Consider checking the thread for more info!

Season 2 has ended, and Season 3 has begun! Congratulation to those that made it to the top, there should be some shiny new badges for the second season showing up on profiles shortly-ish? Nowaday’s fine of a day as ever to try climbing to the top of the new seasonal rankings! Furthermore, there will be some difficulty changes due to contested difficulties on pre-existing songs, so be prepared for Global Rankings to change a little bit.

For the ‘Poyo’s‘ out there, I’ve got a slapping brand new Kirby song for ya, and also some old dusty songs that no one have ever touched in like, a bajillion years. Can you believe that these old farts actually keep old content around? I think people should get a chance to take these bad boys for a spin. The Kirby music will stay, but you have until the next Songs of the Week before we come repo the rest of these songs back into the SimfileDB Vault, forever.

Musician: hapi
Step Artist: gold stinger
Song Length: 28:05
Difficulty: 100

Speedcore 300
Musician: Gunsynth
Step Artist: Xx{Midnight}xX
Song Length: 2:12
Difficulty: 0

Musician: teranoid feat. MC Natsack
Step Artist: Reach
Song Length: 2:04
Difficulty: 0

gigadelic (Camellia’s “THE TERA” Remix) [10^12 Long ver.]
Musician: Camellia
Step Artist: gold stinger
Song Length: 5:31
Difficulty: 0

*Whimper Wall*
Musician: Rez
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 1:06
Difficulty: 0

Technically, these two songs from last week become public as well:

You Don’t Know
Musician: Aaron Spectre
Step Artist: VisD
Song Length: 2:59
Difficulty: 87

Tribe Attacker v2
Musician: Canblaster
Step Artist: mi40
Song Length: 1:46
Difficulty: 88

Also on a final note, all 100+ Difficulty files and most 90-99 files are getting re-uploaded to include ms-timing. D7/D8 players, rejoice!

Hope everyone enjoys the all-new content this week!

-gold stinger, the April Fools Team, and this picture of a cat.

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  1. There’s also a small update to last years AF2021 engine with small fixes.

    Have a good week before we yeet everything.

  2. oh lmao there it is LMAO

  3. cat

  4. who’s cat does this belong to?


  6. My best file revisits the game again. Fantastic.

  7. spicy files

  8. Loved the rare files.

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