Summer 2023 Lemonade Swim Meet!

Posted in FFR News on July 21st, 2023

Why the frown? What’s that? You were having a blast playing in the 16th Official Tournament but were eliminated?

Did you at least get a prize? No!? How sad. If only you had another chance… Say, do you like lemonade…?

2023 Lemonade Swim Meet

If you were eliminated from the 16th Official Tournament, take part in the Summer 2023 Lemonade Swim Meet and get another chance at winning an event token! if nothing else, you can win credits and maybe some of your pride back!

See the details in the thread here!

- The Community Managers

9 Responses to “Summer 2023 Lemonade Swim Meet!”

  1. I do not know how to swim

  2. Pee pee.

  3. I only drink pink lemonade.


  5. good thing i brought floaties! otherwise i’d continue to drown


  7. lemonade zombies !!

  8. PP

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