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FFR, TWG, Walking Dead, Vikings
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old school rap/under ground/classic rock/metal
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jarsh writes at 12:14:28am on 4/21/13
lol what's a twg?
clasko1000 writes at 12:17:27am on 9/6/11
U still kickin it
Good to see.
who_cares973 writes at 1:05:23am on 5/1/11
Me next for the hurt n heal place c:
SK8R43 writes at 7:31:31pm on 4/19/11
lol i don't know what that is.
fido123 writes at 7:30:12pm on 4/19/11
Hey, long time no see xD
AlexDest writes at 7:26:44pm on 4/19/11
not really lol, really busy with other stuff
AlexDest writes at 7:21:52pm on 4/19/11
no i haven't
reuben_tate writes at 3:23:12am on 4/18/11
Thanks for the vote! ^_^
eastsideman09 writes at 3:00:13pm on 4/16/11
Not gonna lie, I've been interested, but I don't think I've got time for it now.
boibomb writes at 6:28:55pm on 4/15/11
I see it all the time in the forums but i never really understand the game much. but yeah Ill be down if i understand it a little better.