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For convenience's sake, I'll just say I was born Nov. 17 2003 instead of updating my birthday every year. I mostly play osu!mania. I also have Etterna, but don't play it much. I play this basically whenever I can't play those or I just wanna enjoy the honestly amazing song selection in this game.
I have a keyboard and am trying to learn to play it. Also play Geometry Dash a decent amount, and like Homestuck, Danganronpa, and Kingdom Hearts.
Fav Music:
Prog house, big room, psytrance, deep house, future bass, riddim dubstep, hip hop, hard rock, K-pop, whatever genre Clark "Plazmataz" Powell is. I can enjoy basically anything though.
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SlowestTree writes at 11:05:13pm on 5/6/19
Thanks, used to listen to his music a lot and liked his character designs haha
Sanjixcon writes at 1:40:22pm on 4/29/19
congrats on d6 bro :D
Diamondblaze writes at 1:13:48pm on 4/29/19
Cold Heart 1032-7-0-0-3
Wayward Vagabond writes at 12:09:52am on 4/21/19
Wv is my favourite haha also thank you!!
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 2:36:33pm on 4/12/19
Yessir! :D
Andrew WCY writes at 7:41:07pm on 4/11/19
yo, nice Scarhand unlock!
Soul. writes at 5:22:19pm on 4/10/19
Yo, thanks! (idk if you were referring to my standard or heavy version. Lol)
Sanjixcon writes at 1:38:29pm on 4/10/19
when u unlock scarhand heavy before d6 xD
Diamondblaze writes at 1:16:20pm on 4/10/19
Well that took longer than it needed to :P
Reality is free compared to all the other 85's
I like it writes at 11:21:28am on 3/28/19
Damn thanks for the thumbs up : )