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christ this account is old
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mrpreggers writes...
at 7:40:06pm on 4/13/20
What's up
CDCan writes...
at 11:32:00pm on 8/14/19
Sup!? again, 3.75 years later hehe =)........Don't forget to log a score in the official! Have fun~
Aquellex writes...
at 1:28:36am on 4/22/19
btw you're eligible for FFR Music Producer status now!
mrpreggers writes...
at 10:02:31am on 3/8/19
hell yeah
gold stinger writes...
at 8:19:47pm on 2/22/16
hey bby
CDCan writes...
at 10:46:23pm on 11/13/15
gold stinger writes...
at 9:44:11pm on 9/12/15
I'd love to submit Aerostorm except for the fact that my steps are shit compared to others that could do it.
mrpreggers writes...
at 4:26:16pm on 9/2/15
ya got lambda and now ya got goldstinger look at the top graph!
Lambdadelta writes...
at 7:36:08am on 9/1/15
Heya, so I've gotten a few stepartists and judges to look at the file for LΣ6!%N and it has been pretty well received.
There may be an issue with the name of the song "LΣ6!%N".
The "Σ" and "%" characters probably won't be recognized so I'm wondering if you have an alternate name for the song?
Currently I have it submitted as L6!N as opposed to LΣ6!%N.
Lambdadelta writes...
at 4:13:29am on 7/13/15
Thanks for the response, I have a new computer and lost my mp3 for the Lemons song, it was the one with all the weird characters.
You don't still have an mp3 do you?
Already submitted the file but can't be bothered to track down someone to fetch the mp3.
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