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Posted on: July 29, 2020, at 05:15:38pm   [0 comments]
I joined FFR shortly after the 13th OT has started, and I was cranking up some nice scores during the course of that time. I didn't think that I was able to enjoy FFR due to its legacy engine and the nature of being "choppy" most of the times, but, I actually quite enjoying it for the most part, and was able to keep up with how o!m handles things, and it's not far off there.

However, the point of this thought post here is that I'm eager to set up a review on each D8's rounds post (since I can actually play some of the early rounds pretty well), and it surprises me to an extent comparing the difficulty gap between the 12th iteration. I'll keep this post updated with some of the rounds I vividly know and played a whole bunch to give out proper insights about them.

R1 : G e n g a o z o (Best: 8-0-1-0)
So the first thing I saw that the OT was started around 4-5 days when this file was released, and I was pretty curious how this file plays out, as there's a ton of similar takes of this track, and I gotta say : this is the better G e n g a o z o file that I've seen so far. It plays much more fluid than the rest of the takes, and thus it enhances the playing experience.
Now, as much as I adore this file, I can say that I'm not really keen on grinding this, as it also targets one of my weaknesses of this file - the streams. Sure, it's relatively slow in the D8 standards, but I have been well-known that I'm very shaky at this kind of streams. I may try to grind for AAA, but it won't be for a while, as I need to develop stronger muscle memory in order to hit streams consistently and without getting lost.

R2 : Brrrreeed Cicadididi (Best: 3-1-0-1, in 03/09/2020)
This file is pretty nasty. I know that in my times playing FFR (this was around a week or two getting used to the engine), I've never seen how much of a mess this was in the 99 difficulty.
Honestly, this is probably one of my least favourite files in the 99 range scale, just because of how weird the file plays out, and with disgusting transitions in and out of the bursts and the jumptrill, it's not really my jam.
I've got an SDG FC after several tries, and given how the file plays out, I can hardly see myself coming back to grind this, unfortunately. It may just be me, but it's the weakest D8 file in the 13th OT for me.

R3 : J-CORE SLi//CER Technique (Best: 3-0-0-0)
Oh man, where do we start with this....... well, since I'm fairly a tech-jack biased player, this is, without exaggeration, the easiest file on D8 for this OT.
I'd get an equivalency out of this, and I had a lot of potential to AAA this and get another 101, but judging about the prospect of the OT, maybe we're entering the darker area of technical files? At least that's what I thought after knowing this file from osu!mania, and I already had a decent score on it too.

R4 : I'm A Fucking Idiot (Best: 4-0-0-1)
So a lot of people have been really, really struggling with this file just because it has a lot of tricks up its sleeves patterning-wise. Well, it delivers well, and it targeted like 70% of D8 players' weakness, which is repetition. Hey, to my biased understanding, this is the second easiest file in this OT for me, and I'm totally fine with repetitions in general! I think there are few people who are pretty jelly with how players handle repetitions, since this is rated fairly high, at 103. I can definitely get some equivalency out of this, and if I do get an AAA, that will be my second best equivalency rating, first being fluked Derby run.

R5 : Track title
Description coming soon.

R6 : Zygourous Distribution
Description coming soon.

R7 : Isometry
Description coming soon.

R8 : Revenge
Description coming soon.
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Josemba writes at 8:22:53am on 8/19/20
You're the best Zora
Dynam0 writes at 12:41:26pm on 8/5/20
Very impressive scores lately / welcome to FFR mate :D
Gingerham writes at 3:45:48pm on 7/10/20