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o!m/etterna player, I go by lemonguy elsewhere
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Location:Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Sanjixcon writes at 10:13:11pm on 11/26/18
yo top ten soon =D
Gravity Kitten writes at 1:55:26pm on 11/24/18
love u lemon
zeat writes at 6:24:48pm on 11/23/18
nice to see other other people from michigan playing this game
Dinglesberry writes at 8:34:39pm on 5/4/18
adding a lil bit of that lemon zest to FFR to make the recipe better
Shxfted writes at 8:26:49pm on 5/4/18
no slowing down here
PhantomPuppy writes at 8:43:17pm on 5/3/18
you gotta slow down on these gains, friend. you're making the rest of us look bad.
ilikexd writes at 6:31:43am on 4/19/18
where's osu?
Shxfted writes at 11:12:12pm on 4/18/18
Rapta writes at 11:04:05pm on 4/18/18
Nice job getting D7 bro