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Comments on my simfiles?
Posted on: March 13, 2009, at 08:00:44pm

Hey all. I have a handful of simfiles in-game, and I was wondering what different people thought of the things, so I know what to mimic, avoid, etc.

List (in difficulty order):
-Etude in E Major.
-Tears of Remorse
-Guitar vs. Piano
-Break Out! [Heavy] (this went in-game without me knowing, I know it sucks. sorry.)
-Shut Up and Let Me Go [Heavy]
-Two Sisters [Heavy]
-Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
-Teh Tricky Techno
-Gym Leader (RBY)
-Sonata quasi una Fantasia (skill token)
-Scythe of 13
-Coactive[OMSM] (support token)
-Mephisto Waltz
-Winter Wind Etude

If anyone has any comments, please post here! I love feedback!

  1. -Etude in E Major - easy song, dont remember how he steps went
    -Tears of Remorse - same as Etude comment
    -Guitar vs. Piano - cool song, fun little VD
    -Break Out! [Heavy] (this went in-game without me knowing, I know it sucks. sorry.)- same comment as etude and tears, i dont remember the easy songs too well. lol.
    -Teh Tricky Techno - God this songs steps make me wanna kill myself.
    -Gym Leader (RBY)- pretty fun even though i fail at some of the chains. lol.
    -Sonata quasi una Fantasia (skill token)- wtf up with the mega trill, makes no sense in the song. lol.
    -October - My Favorite. :) Love the quick patterns. Song as well.
    -Scythe of 13 - like the song, steps are ight.
    -Coactive[OMSM] (support token)- I love trying to hit those rolls even if I dont hit them all. Fun song. :)

  2. -Etude in E Major - 64ths yay
    -Tears of Remorse - I don't remember this sorry haha
    -Guitar vs. Piano - This is pretty much the only thing you can do with this song so gj
    -Break Out! [Heavy] (this went in-game without me knowing, I know it sucks. sorry.) - Random 16th trills haha
    -Teh Tricky Techno - Short song that will piss off many (see above)
    -Gym Leader (RBY)- Probably my most hated simfile from you I hate this file with a passion lmao. Neverending 8th semi jumptrills auhhhghhhhhh
    -Sonata quasi una Fantasia (skill token) - Fun song
    -October - Best file to date, really fun
    -Scythe of 13 - Not that great but really what can you do with it
    -Coactive[OMSM] (support token) - Rollllllllllllllll

  3. Congrats on getting Streets accepted into the game! I never would've thought that song would ever be considered FFR-worthy because it technically has the most repetitive and boring beat known to mankind, but you made it work so nicely. *bows*

  4. lol Why does everyone hate Gym Leader? It's a fun song lol. Octobers your best file though.

  5. -Etude in E Major - Like it, but don't play it because it's easy
    -Tears of Remorse - same thing
    -Temple - same thing
    -Guitar vs. Piano - Like my favorite stepped song
    -Break Out! [Heavy] (this went in-game without me knowing, I know it sucks. sorry.) - I'm likin' it
    -Teh Tricky Techno - Not bad, short, but fun
    -Gym Leader (RBY) - Slow songs are boring tbh, but I like the music
    -Sonata quasi una Fantasia (skill token) - I'm too nub to play
    -October - Really really fun
    -Scythe of 13 - I'm likin' it
    -Coactive[OMSM] (support token) - Haven't played because I'm too poor

  6. Avoid stepping songs longer than 3 minutes.

  7. Pick better songs to step seriously.
    -Shut Up and Let Me Go [Heavy]
    -Two Sisters [Heavy]
    These were incredibly painful to play.
    Also I have no idea why this is but all of your files are really hard to PA.

  8. Mephisto Waltz. Nuff said. Brilliant.

  9. I owned your Winter Wind Etude file :P

  10. Please don't make something like Streets again. Having 2 colors and the EXACT same thing for that long gets boring. Otherwise, great job on the other songs.

  11. -Etude in E Major. - I can't distinguish easy files.
    -Tears of Remorse - Same thing.
    -Temple - Same thing.
    -Guitar vs. Piano - One of the coolest VDs.
    -Break Out! [Heavy] (this went in-game without me knowing, I know it sucks. sorry.)- One of those long rock songs... Well, I guess I agree with you.
    -Shut Up and Let Me Go [Heavy] - Sorry, all of your easy files tend to be a bit long. Song is cool.
    -Two Sisters [Heavy] - Song is cool, but has some scary parts for it's difficulty.
    -Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too - I don't remember...
    -Teh Tricky Techno - Cool song. One of my first C AAAs.
    -Gym Leader (RBY) - Good. Has some really awkward and repetitive parts, though.
    -Streets - Too repetitive, sorry.
    -Sonata quasi una Fantasia (skill token) - Really cool, your harder songs are much more interesting.
    -October - Also awesome. It's not boring, even though it's long.
    -Scythe of 13 - It's good. I'm supposed to like ASK songs, since my favorite song in FFR is by ASK (Life Light). I suck

  12. I suck at the file, I mean.

  13. -Coactive[OMSM] (support token) - I always wanted to play tjhis song, but I can't, since it's a support token...
    -Mephisto Waltz - Your best file. Has really unique patterns.
    -Winter Wind Etude - Difficult, but fun.

  14. Mepishto Waltz is the shit. Did your Islamey file get queued? If so, I can't wait until it's released hehe

  15. Break Out! [Heavy] is a piece of shit. Scythe of 13 on the other hand, omfgomfgomfgomfg best stepfiler ever~ :D

  16. I love them all.

  17. if you read this i didnt enjoy winter wind etude

  18. or any of them actually

  19. Winter Wind Etude - I love polyrhythmic chaos like this. The ending was poorly executed, unfortunately. The spinny nature at the end makes it almost virtually impossible to AAA.