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I'm 20, a nerd/geek but don't look like it, lazy, and colors flashing really fast make me happy.
Games, computers, and Photoshop.
Fav Music:
Almost everything instrumental. I don't like country or rap. YTPMV's have become my favorite "genre".
Fav Movies:
Comedy the most, examples are Wedding Crashers and Meet the Fockers. The Dark Knight. I guess you could also say horror movies, some. I tend to find them funny rather than horrifying.
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Posted on: May 15, 2011, at 08:51:42pm   [4 comments]
Welp, as you guys probably knew, I quit playing FFR. My hands hurt after playing only 20 minutes or maybe a bit less. And the fact that I'm more interested in other games. The only thing I can do without pain is index...and I'm nowhere near as good that way than I spread. Thanks to FFR, I appreciate music a looooooooooot more. I also think I hit my peak when I got that sightread FGO FC. That was pure luck.

Posted on: November 18, 2010, at 09:13:47pm   [0 comments]
Is good once again baby!

I just now almost sightread FC'd Document 13b. 2 random misses in easy locations.
1120-46-5-2-15 with 888 combo. Think I found a new FMO FC I can get. =O

Later, though...I shouldn't be even playing right now. XD I've been pushing the limits of my arms at work.
Posted on: September 17, 2009, at 10:40:11pm   [4 comments]
Woots! I'm back. =D
The apartment I live in is kind of okay. Has some really good stuff to it, but a few bad.

Good: Location, size in terms of walking space, and it doesn't look bad. Great connection! I can play FFR a bit more seriously now! =D

Bad: Hardly any air conditioning and it's always hotter in the building than it is outside...ALWAYS. My head is kinda close to hitting the fans on the ceiling. x.x

I lost some of my skill. My stamina and focus greatly reduced...hopefully I can get it back up in a couple of days. =)
Posted on: February 18, 2009, at 10:58:37am   [1 comment]
Because today is my "golden birthday." I'm turning 18 on February 18 and my favorite number is 18. =D But I'm going to be spending 4 hours of it working... >.>

I am now legal to smoke, do what I want, move, yaddah yaddah. I'm only gonna do what I want part.

Hard to think that I'm classified as an adult...
Posted on: October 6, 2008, at 06:53:28pm   [4 comments]
[September 13, 2008] First 1000 combo. Less Talk More Rokk (Mark Saunders Remix).

[September 17, 2008] Rank under 10,000 for all public songs.

[September 18, 2008] 1,000,000 points.

[September 25, 2008] 200 FCs.

[October 4, 2008] First Challenging FC. Carol Megamix.

[October 6, 2008] First Very Challenging FC. dot death (Stealth Remix)

[October 6, 2008] Average Rank under 2,000.

[Ocotber 7, 2008] First Tricky AAA. Half Symphony.

[October 13, 2008] 999 profile views.

[November 9, 2008] 99 profile votes.

[November 13, 2008] 2,000,000,000 points.

[November 14, 2008] Got The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS Skill Token.

[November 23, 2008] 300 FCs.

[November 26, 2008] 50% of public songs FC'd. (for now)

[November 27, 2008] One of the first seven people to play 300 This is Sparta EXTENDED Mix.

[December 9, 2008] Ranked 5th in EAGAMES' 2 in 1 Tournament in the mashers division.

[February 4/5, 2009] Arose from the dead and made some simfiles.

[February 13, 2009] Got a job at a burger place that pays $10 an hour.

[February 16, 2009] New profile look.

[February 27, 2009] Was gifted a subby.

[April 11, 2009] Reached 3 billion points.

[April 25, 2009] Unlocked ==Planet Karma==. Mostly thanks to funmonkey54.

[May 4, 2009] FC'd 400 public songs.

[May 26, 2009] Over 2000 combo. MAX Forever. (Finally!)

[May 27, 2009] Gifted subby ended.

[May 28, 2009] All song ranks under 3,000.

[June 5, 2009] Reached 4 billion points.

[June 16, 2009] First Very Difficult AAA. Emerald Hill (Metaljonus Mix)
50 AAA's.
3 digit Overall and Average Rank.

[June 21, 2009] First For Masters Only Full Combo. None Would Escape.

[June 27, 2009] New setup. A, D, 4, and 6. (4 and 6 on numpad)

[July 6, 2009] Truly a 1 year member.

[August 3, 2009] 500 public FC's. R176.

[October 31, 2009] Reached 5 billion points.

[November 8, 2009] 3000 combo. Blue Army.

[November 13, 2009] Switched to index and ring fingers. Set up: A, F, J, ;

[November 18, 2010] First FGO FC (sightread even). Time to Eye.

[July 6, 2011] 3 year member. Obtained Veteran status.
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T-Force writes at 11:10:27pm on 7/5/16
Sky Kitten writes at 1:30:29pm on 2/9/15
Always missing you, Ryan. Hope you didn't forget about any of us. :)
DragonIIDX writes at 2:17:35am on 10/22/14
That's understandable. I preordered the WiiU version already. I just got the 3DS one to keep me busy until then heh. My Skype is the same as my username if you want to add me.
DragonIIDX writes at 2:04:57am on 10/22/14
Oh I see heh. It's cool to see you here again. I'm on Skype or if you have SSb4 for 3DS, I'd love to play with you.
WolfXhunter writes at 2:01:36am on 10/22/14
is ugly
DragonIIDX writes at 1:52:08am on 10/22/14
Wow, you're actually online. It's been a very long time since I've seen you.
Im God writes at 5:34:51pm on 10/8/13
dat profile<3
WolfXhunter writes at 2:24:27am on 2/10/13
hi gigi
T-Force writes at 12:44:00am on 3/24/12
Oh damn. Thank goodness you're alright. Cheers to a speedy recovery.
And January 2013. After 2012 passes and we're all still alive. =P
justdoit9233 writes at 2:35:14am on 3/18/12
"He liiiiiiives!"! Haha, glad to see you're still around, man. :)