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What Lies Beyond The MountainsUplifting Chiptune27-04-13
Atop The WorldPiano Instrumental26-07-13
Challenge the final mission!VG Swing21-09-13
Time (Soular Order Remix)Electronica31-10-13
ClocktownCeltic Instrumental14-11-13
Wake Up, GladiatorLiquid Funk23-01-14
Fading StarTrance20-02-14
o'er the floodBreakcore01-06-14
Session (Ghost in the Machine Remix)Downtempo01-10-14
We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherPop07-01-15
Slam CrunkAlternative Pop04-02-15
The Big SleepSka Punk04-03-15
AventyrNeo Pagan Folk11-03-15
CrucialEasy Listening25-03-15
Arcanum GuardianSacred Hardcore05-05-15
sylcmyk's themeChiptune House14-07-15
The star hillEasy Listening11-11-16
Summer Colours ArchLight Pop19-11-16
Phantom Of The OperaDramatic Rock24-06-17
AloneFuture Bass01-10-18
Light of the Seven (Ghost in the Machine Cover)Orchestral31-10-18
CreditsGlitch Bass21-04-19
kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!!Undertalelectro30-06-20
Ani MevushalProgressive Psytrance13-07-20
Naive HopelessnessSerene Breakcore28-07-20
eccentric ghost channel as PoltergeistElectro/Breaks/Dubstep28-07-20
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Imagine posting random thoughts in 2020
Posted on: May 23, 2020, at 06:58:48am   [2 comments]
I'm back playing this game :), although "playing" is something of a strong word. I spend way more time in arrowvortex/3.95 than on FFR itself.

The last time I really sat down to make a stepfile properly was at the end of 2015, with sylcmyk's theme. Most of the stuff after that was me floating in and out fixing up CQ'ed files or getting them resubbed. I think I found Credits in 2018 and decided to throw together a stepfile for it pretty quickly. Which, in retrospect, uhh.... a better file could be made for it incorporating more of the song. Someone should come back to that particular well for a Credits [Long].

I'm looking at the list of files I made and one thing that stands out to me is that I really should have made harder files. I float around a ~D4 skill level now, but enjoy playing diff 70-80 files the most, and there's not a lot of them in my history.

The file I'm happiest with is sort of the one I ended on, sylcmyk's theme. Strange and unique little chiptune song, and I think I did justice to it. I'd like to make more files of that standard or better, and away from stuff like Arcanum Guardian which tbqh I absolutely cannot play with a straight face now, in part because of how dumbed down I made the climax. zzz

Early on I also had a thing about not stepping any artist twice, because ~diversity~. I still like that mentality, actually, but will likely be laxer on it and anyway the rule is broken by The star hill (ginkiha with Fading Star) and the CQed Radio (Breakbeat Heartbeat with What Lies Beyond The Mountains, a song I stepped purely to get more people to listen to it, and so for which I'm still salty to this day that it's a PURCHASED SONG). ffs it's gorgeous go listen

I'm hoping to have some good stuff into the upcoming OT/batches while I still feel the energy for it. This is a nice creative outlet as a hobby and it's good to have the time to tinker with it again :).

frash frash revoorution
Posted on: August 8, 2013, at 08:42:25am   [8 comments]

2020 edit: wtf is this

Posted on: July 19, 2013, at 12:28:23pm   [1 comment]
summerghost (66)

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ilikexd writes...
at 3:10:47am on 8/5/20
I imagine it feels something similar to have charter o'er the flood.
M0nkeyz writes...
at 2:05:07pm on 8/2/20
I overcame my mindblock on Naive Hopelessness. Such a great file. Normally I never grind stuff like that, but I didn't mind it that much this time. I don't know if you remember but your advice on stepcharting massively helped me back in the day. Keep up the good work !
Wiosna writes...
at 9:18:22am on 7/31/20
knn ccb
iironiic writes...
at 6:12:33pm on 7/19/20
Thanks! :) Really looking forward to submitting that soon. Coming back to playing this game, I noticed that a lot of your recent releases were very fun to play with awesome song choices. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to seeing more files in the future from you! :)
Psychotik writes...
at 12:06:42am on 7/17/20
The ending is also tough for me because I have shit stamina, but the first half is way more mind-blockable.
Rapta writes...
at 2:05:19pm on 7/16/20
I hope you are having a peaceful time.
Hakulyte writes...
at 5:58:25pm on 7/15/20
Ani Mevushal is obligatory :thumbsup:
_Fluttershy_ writes...
at 7:03:13am on 5/3/20
Hey, long time, no see! I hope you're doing well. It's good to see you participating in this upcoming tournament - I'll be keeping an eye out, for sure! :)
ilikexd writes...
at 7:44:47pm on 3/4/20
ilikexd writes...
at 5:31:35am on 8/10/19
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