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I'm a weird blend between a somewhat amateur mathematician and an aspiring professional musician. Twice national gold winner in math, honorific mention at the IMO, and 4 years of self-learnt FL Studio. I don't usually do much else. As for rhythm games, I started with GH back in 2008 and I've loved them since. FFR is basically the only game I play nowadays, but I play it quite a lot. The blame goes to juckter1, whom I know personally from math training. My goal here is to someday be as good as him (so if you're reading this, get ready :P)
Olympiad math, calculus, xenharmonic music. The usual.
Fav Music:
My favorite genres are IDM, Techno (the modern variant), Synthwave, Progressive House and very rarely whatever some of my barely classifiable WIPs are (which someday I'll publish and link to). My favorite artists are Matt Lange, BT, No Mana, Pendulum and Sevish.
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I liked Inception, this one movie by Quentin Tarantino, and I think that's it.
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Posted on: January 31, 2019, at 08:41:45pm   [1 comment]
Worst stepfile ever. AAA'd after what was probably at least 50 cumulative tries. Not playing this again. Can't believe this still exists.
Posted on: June 25, 2018, at 05:50:04pm   [1 comment]

You can hear it here.

Also, if you want to give the guy I remixed some money: https://avi845.bandcamp.com/album/3-am-the-remixes

Posted on: June 20, 2018, at 12:18:40pm   [1 comment]
This is the worst stepfile ever. Would be a level 15 at most but the "Reactive Tapping" mod just makes it awful. Not to mention I had to install both the Velocity and the Legacy engine until realizing the latter actually made the song kind of playable. AAA'd, never again playing.
Posted on: May 19, 2018, at 09:00:47pm   [2 comments]
I've been AAAing all easy files and not a single one has made me suffer more than the legacy ones, specially the first couple of them. I'm at Lv. 40+ and I need like 10 tries to do a single Lv. 12 like what's even up with that?
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_Fluttershy_ writes at 11:19:47am on 11/18/18
Dude! Massive thanks for the help on unlocking 'Marisa Stole The Precious Thing'. Found your thread and it helped a ton and I unlocked the token - thanks man!! :)
Exter600 writes at 11:27:42am on 8/9/18
nope. The highest I AAAed for now is lv61
Xx{Fallen}xX writes at 6:16:25pm on 8/2/18
Funnygurl555 writes at 1:21:19am on 8/2/18
it's mafia but we play on the forums!!! it's super fun :) if you ever wanna try it out you definitely should!
Funnygurl555 writes at 1:03:20pm on 8/1/18
you are looking at the twg thread
URL writes at 5:13:34pm on 7/27/18
It's more of a pattern than a puzzle. You can try to figure it out if you like :)
Rapta writes at 3:16:01pm on 7/27/18
Is your profile banner a puzzle? :o
URL writes at 9:40:16pm on 6/25/18
GG, then. That shit's hard.
badman7772 writes at 9:22:41pm on 6/25/18
To answer your question yes I did.
Xx{Fallen}xX writes at 10:00:42pm on 6/11/18
Thanks a bunch, i think the only reason i have so many is because the people i play in mulitplayer like to pick super easy songs and i end up AAA'ing the songs most people dont want to sit through lol.