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Metal CrusherGame Ensemble16-09-17
New GameElectro01-01-18
Comment wall
blanky! writes at 11:21:03pm on 7/9/18
Congrats on Day 1(?)
Godnick writes at 4:25:09am on 4/14/18
PS: REally loved the stepfile new game, hope to see more outstanding creations from you :)
Godnick writes at 4:24:06am on 4/14/18
Hiyah there,
Seen you playing like a trooper mc destroyer of thy kerboard bad dama pamajamba fee fye foe fama pahrana and just wanted to say excellent exectution and keep up the energy m8! Lookin good!
Sanjixcon writes at 3:30:43pm on 2/28/18
yeah i liked new game too =] nice job!
incubusrul3d1984 writes at 8:14:18pm on 2/27/18
I like your "New Game" stepfile... it was very fun!
Kawaii025 writes at 1:28:03pm on 1/2/18
Congrats on getting your 1st stepfile in game! :)
PrawnSkunk writes at 3:38:59am on 1/1/18
simfile author get! (I have no idea why it wasn't given with Metal Crusher, sorry! D:)
the sun fan writes at 8:38:05am on 9/17/17
gj with metal crusher
FreezinIce writes at 6:05:22pm on 9/2/17
FreezinIce writes at 12:48:50pm on 6/10/17
Where ya been brah