Songs of the Week (November 4th, 2012)

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Depending on where you live in the world, yesterday evening possibly marked the end of daylight savings time. Although most people aren’t going to argue against being granted with an additional hour of sleep, the fact that the average length of any given day has begun to markedly shrink is something that the majority of the population will surely find fault with, unless of course you’re one of lucky ones that are secretly nocturnal. I’m not sure about you, but I certainly find it depressing that once five o’clock rolls around the sun has already been extinguished and the day has come to a premature conclusion. However, rather than moping around in pitch black darkness, you should rejoice as it’s finally time for this week’s batch of new songs!

[Nov. 4th Released Songs]
R176 v2 by Cranky (MrPopadopalis25) – Master [71] / 2:15 / Skill Token / Happy Hardcore
Alchemy by G5 Project (SKG_Skintill) – Expert [66] / 2:06 / Rock / Instrumental Rock
Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX) by Foozogz (megamon88) – Master [75] / 2:33 / Dance 2 / Breakcore
Tokimori Uta by felys feat. Aki Mizawa (bmah) – Difficult [46] / 1:53 / Misc / Vocal Artcore
With a Cherry On Top by flashygoodness (Reshiram) – Light [22] / 0:47 / Misc / Lounge

The first of the week’s releases should be a familiar one for those who have played the Summer 2011 iteration of the FFR Community Pack series. R176 v2 is an updated version of the original file by Exag0n that, at the time of this post, is five years old. The song itself is eclectic just as most of Cranky’s songs tend to be, featuring quite a few variations in terms of structure that should keep those players that find themselves afflicted with short attention spans relatively engaged. The file itself contains a respectable number of hands, quads, 8th jacks, brief jumpstream runs and other challenging patterns that players will either enjoy or despise. In order to unlock this file you must pass R176 (located in Dance 2) with 176 misses, 176 boos and 176 or less combined goods and averages. Unless you’re a prodigious arrow-counting savant, you’ll probably want to make use of the Velocity engine’s “Show PA Count” feature in your unlocking endeavors.

Our next file is a heart pounding, guitar-heavy song by G5 Project that has been brought to us by veteran stepartist SKG_Skintill, who at the time of this update has been single-handedly responsible for bringing all three of FFR’s G5 Project files to fruition. Don’t be fooled by this file’s relatively slow BPM: lots of technically stepped guitar solos that feature all the colors of the FFR rainbow are sure to prove to be challenging regardless of whether you’re aspiring to AAA, FC or simply pass the file. If you’re a Veteran then feel free to mosey on over to the Rock genre to give this one a try; otherwise you’re going to have to wait a week.

Next up we have a My Little Pony breakcore remix for you to smash your keys along to. After reading the previous sentence you’re more than likely either jumping for joy and praising the omniscient Brony Lord for bestowing you with another MLP remix, tearing off your shirt and angrily screaming at your computer screen while attempting to quench the vomit that’s creeping up your throat, or finding yourself so conflicted that all you can do is crumple down onto the floor and solemnly weep for hours on end. Regardless of your opinion on either the file or the song, Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX) is going to pose a considerable challenge regardless of your skill level. A fast BPM combined with a copious amount of 32nd bursts, jump jacks and the occasional trill or two may result in self-inflicted hair loss. Please direct all fan mail and/or hate mail to the song’s artist, Foozogz, or the stepartist, megamon88.

After three relatively difficult releases, bmah brings both us as well as our fingers a bit of much appreciated relief with Tokimori Uta, a soft piece by felys feat. Aki Mizawa. Novice to intermediate players that are looking to improve their jumpstreaming abilities should be satisfied with this file’s relatively slow BPM and occasional jumpstream runs, some of which featuring the odd hand or two. If you’re proficient in Japanese or enjoy pretending that you are then feel free to sing along with the relaxing lyrics of Aki Mizawa. Like Alchemy, Tokimori Uta is the second of this week’s Veteran releases and will be released to the public in a week’s time.

With an aptly fitting title to round out this batch of releases, our final file of the week is With a Cherry On Top. Much like flashygoodness’ other two in-game songs, players will be done and over with this file before the minute is up. Reshiram’s usual penchants for all things colored, including his now infamous usage of white notes, are employed here as well. Although only coming in at a 22 out of 100 in terms of the modern difficulty scale, a healthy dosage of grace notes will be sure to keep anybody on their toes. If you enjoy the file, you should consider also taking a gander at the short animated film “A Cake for Cherry” from which the song itself hails.

And that’s about it for now. For those of you who have yet to earn yourself a fancy FFR Veteran title, last week’s veteran-only songs Internet Heroes and Colibri have now been released to the public. Give them a try if you haven’t already. Also, while you’re at it, consider taking a swing by this iteration of the Songs of the Week thread and share your thoughts, both positive and negative if applicable, on this week’s releases with the rest of the community. Both song artists and stepartists alike highly value your opinion on their works irrespective of whether you’re a well-known FFR guru or somebody who has only played the game once or twice beforehand. Have fun, and try not to let the oppressive darkness brought upon by conclusion of DST keep you down!


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