PSH #4 – Results!

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution, Spontaneous Contests on August 19th, 2009

View all of the hilarious and creative photos/videos in the forum thread.

1st place: 2 year subbie + All 3 Albums + 50,000 credits
2nd place: 2 year subbie + 1 Album of your choice + 25,000 credits
3rd place: 1 year subbie + 10,000 credits
4th place: 6 month subbie + 5,000 credits
5th place: 3 month subbie + 2,000 credits

Honorable Mention: Tainted Rainbow (82) – welcome to the forums! your first post was your submissions… hopefully you’ll stick around for some more. CODxGLITCH (90) – you look 10 dude… your wedgie picture is disturbing. also a newbie to our forums. welcome and congrats! Heartseeker7 (108) – you called it… 3 times in a row. always a bridesmaid, never a bride. alloyus (112) – nice custom FFR shirt. but seriously… i don’t look like a fat-faced asian. .

5th place - Prime8 – I feel bad that you bought a wig… try to return it or something. I gave you a ton of bonus points, as your pics were really funny. Just not enough of them. 123 points.

4th place - Dark_Chrysalis – All around solid. 155 points.

3rd place - fermble – Awesome pics. The lack of a 2x bonus for an FFR shirt definitely hurt. 160 points is still more than respectable.

2nd place - iheartbyakuya – Late to the party, but it’s not about how you start… it’s how you finish. Tons of pics, awesome vids for bonus points, and a coin collection x2 got you a boost from 5th place in PSH3 to 2nd place here. 186 points.

and… the crazy manboob himself…

1st place - eastsideman09 – Almost every picture and insane combo photos to boot for some extra points. The real over the top was the 23 point shirt bonus off the 14 people / Waldo picture. 202 points total.

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  1. Beast.

  2. I arrive just in time to see the results, but missed entering the contest.


    Congratz to winners and HM!

  3. lmfao awesome

  4. Lol, nice job ESM :o
    Prime8′s pictures made me laugh so hard XD

  5. Congrats. :D

  6. cum

  7. congrats, guys. I’ll be in the next one.

  8. That was cool… I still enjoy the fact a bunch of my suggestions were used =D
    I love the photo hunts, great job guys

  9. 9th, congrats everyone :D

  10. Congrats ESM!

  11. Yay fermble!! :D

  12. Hahahahaha! “the crazy manboob”

  13. Aww, I wanted one of my pics to be on the front page :(

  14. yays Prime8, the flashlight on head should’ve been there

  15. gotta win to get your pics on the front page.

  16. Good job.

  17. When does the GWC start?

  18. It’s gonna be a spon con GWC

  19. wow 18 comments aride *^_^* ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Now if a girl put that man twizlers in her mouth.
    She’d be called a whore.
    It’s just not fair D:

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