Back Online

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on May 5th, 2013

Multiplayer, Chat, Radio, and of course FFR, are now back online.

Apologies for the unexplained and quite lengthy downtime.

Sad Panda


23 Responses to “Back Online”

  1. Poop.

  2. Buttscratcha?

  3. dont u like when ffr goes down when ur working 7 days straight of 12 hours :P

  4. ^- Buttscratcha!! Buttscratcha!!(o.o)/

  5. pls explain.

  6. :c

  7. I worried.

  8. everytime FFR goes down i think its gone forever! like it did two years ago lol

  9. :D Finally back

  10. sad face? ._.

  11. Ha, and i thought my computer was just being stupid.

  12. is there a velo engine link on the frontpage??

  13. nevermind! (:

  14. Hakuna Matata

  15. the important thing is that it’s back up :)

  16. Good thing that it’s not fucking down FOREVER like the last incident

  17. Ever since FFR came back into my life, things haven’t been the same. Maybe it is just the remaining tinge of absence, of abandonment, lingering in my soul. Maybe I’m just projecting my own emotions onto our relationship. But things will never be like they were. And I can’t help but wonder as I think out on the balcony on those cold nights, that maybe I haven’t changed. No, I welcomed him back with open arms. It isn’t me that changed, but him. And it isn’t abandonment that I’m trying to cough up with the smoke of this last cigarette. It is fear. Not fear because he keeps leaving me. But fear of what he will be like the next time he comes back.

  18. didnt even notice the site was down xD derp

  19. I didn’t even know the site was down lol, I hope it won’t go down for good like two years ago.

  20. As long as the garbage bin remains private, these unexpected downtimes will continue to happen. It is the neccessary consequence of the administration’s refusal to make the garbage bin public again. I would rather see the site go under than allow the garbage bin to remain private. This is your final warning

  21. ^lol

  22. ^lol

    ^Just realized g4m3r64′s been here for only a week. Hi possible JiZ53 alt, go away.

    These downtimes are coming from kinks in the site’s server, which do take some time to fix. They’re not happening because The Garbage Bin went private; THAT was done because of people like you, which just about sums up why the mods don’t want to make it public again. I thought my computer was braindead when it came to loading this site that day, but still managed to load every other one no problem. Just…just stop posting.

  23. g4m3r64 more like gay

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