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I'm a goat lover
Asriel, Asriel only. Which explains why my gender is "Nada"
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Anything that isn't weird or batshit crazy
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Video game movies, oh wait...
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Posted on: September 17, 2018, at 01:13:22am   [0 comments]

Posted on: November 25, 2017, at 07:59:11am   [1 comment]
And I haven't played this game for almost a year, good god time flies by...

At least I can say that I've matured throughout the years

I started in this community as a dumb normie who knows nothing about VSRG games, albeit being quite a PIU veteran.

Being in this place in my first 3 years was a really fresh and extraordinary experience for me and I've learned many cool things about the people here, which allowed me to become a better person and be able to act with compassion and friendliness every time I'm greeted with a new individual.

I'll admit, my attitude in that period of time was childlish as fuck and cringy as shit to look at, let alone deal with, so I definitely would not want to ever remember or hear about it again lmao. And I'm deeply sorry to anyone who was hurt because of it.

So again, cheers to every people that I've met throughout my 4 years of my rhythm gaming career, without you guys I wouldn't have been here today, and I'm honestly happy about it.
Here's to hope for many more years of greatness and excitement.
Posted on: June 24, 2016, at 11:17:15pm   [1 comment]
Round 1: cybermiso - oppIrish (GYPSYcore Remix) (12-3-0-2)
Goddamn it's already round 1 and I'm struggling through the first half of this chart, the jacks in the climax really are the piss-takers here. Furthermore, the way it closes the climax is just insane, with [14][23] split-handed jumptrilling and then a roll can let people easily allow themselves a slip-up and ruin the run.
Update 1: I've been trying this quite a lot of times but still can't get a decent run that'd be close to guaranteeing me a spot in round 2, unless if I'm lucky and somehow pull out of my ass a flukey score.
Update 2: Round 2 let's go muthafukka

Round 2: Reizoko Cj - You're gonna love my nuts (4-0-1-1)
Welp, for some reason my sketchy FC gave me the ticket. Haven't played this chart yet, will update when something interesting happens.
Update 1: Gave the chart a few attempts and scratched out a 4-0-1-1 for this Sunday. What can I say, I'm some noob who can't play shit properly. Well, whatever *shrugs*

Round 3: MOSAIC.WAV - Stress Free Style (14-1-1-0)
It seems like this division has recevied itself a superly techincal file, with a lot of jumpjacking as well. Difficulty is really increasing here and you can't spell a play without struggle.
Update 1: I love and hate this chart with a passion, fuck this dude. 64th roll at the beginning is being an utter douchebag, and then the drum solo is another hard part that needs to get dealt with. I barely have any problem with the outro unless my brain decides to be retarded and kill my runs.
Round 4: LeaF - Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- ELIMINATED
Idk how I'm still in this tournament, oh well. Will update when something happens, as usual. I have to say, round 3 was pretty dope tho, just becuz Undertale, kek. And we have Toriel's theme in this one too, yay.
Update 1: Ok, the difficulty has really stepped up, my god, I'd be happy if I get a clean sub 20g FC.
Update 2: Seems like this file is beyond my limit since I suck and can't play shit anyways, I'm putting the eliminated status earlier than the round would end.
Posted on: March 14, 2016, at 09:18:19pm   [2 comments]
Welp, that's quite a decent amount of time.
A lot of interesting things have happened lately, such as me being an Undertale trash, having world-tier accuracy in Osu!mania and FFR Veteran status, etc.
But yea, if you're reading this, you should know that I'm willing to chat with any of you guys in this community, even tho I haven't been playing this game a lot. I'd love to speak with everybody and you guys have helped + motivated me to be better at keymashing. I want to thank you everyone for accepting me as one of you guys :)
So yea, enough rambling, 3 years old, again, not that much but oh well.
Posted on: February 20, 2016, at 11:18:20am   [0 comments]

You're welcome
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nine hundy fcs
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hello from thailand!
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well, a little annoyed because you're better than me now in rhythm gaming xD
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I'm still alive devilchilly <3
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I like your name
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i can't believe you're fucking d7 now
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eYo, good luck in the tourney. I'm no longer at my peak in 4-panel mode, so I think you'll do better than me this year. :>
MarcusHawkins writes at 7:02:16pm on 6/16/16
Hey man, I know you like Asriel, and I made a Hopes & Dreams arrangement for percussion ensemble which you can find in my random thoughts! Are you interested at all in litening to it? ;-)