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Dr. Toboggan

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FFR Music Producer
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MIDI Beach8-bit Lounge13-07-20
Comment wall
Sky Kitten writes at 1:20:05pm on 8/10/20
TheThong writes at 12:34:30am on 7/28/20
I've messaged you! Reply to my facebook messages haha!
Herogashix writes at 2:25:04pm on 7/26/20
ayo check your PMs \o
Herogashix writes at 3:24:08am on 7/24/20
ay it's been a hot minute, how have you been my dude?
TheThong writes at 8:18:05pm on 7/23/20
Of course I remember you. I constantly play your tracks <3
TheThong writes at 8:15:56pm on 7/23/20
Can you stop disappearing pls?
TheThong writes at 8:15:05pm on 7/23/20
Oh Eli?!!
dAnceguy117 writes at 6:18:53pm on 7/23/20
had to turn on my laptop because I'm afraid of accidentally hitting thumbs down on my phone by accident lool
Sky Kitten writes at 7:30:26pm on 7/20/20
Haha, oh man. I remember those days. xD Back when times were so SIMPLE.
Time for you to find a new GIMP now. ;P iirc, your name was Eli, wasn't it?
hi19hi19 writes at 7:23:44pm on 7/20/20
is that song like a one-off for stepping or do you have more like it? I'd love to listen but I can't find a soundcloud/bandcamp/whatever link