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hey there.well i am 6'6" and i like trance
music and women
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jackass 2 and many many more
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freakysnots writes...
at 11:11:48pm on 7/30/07
DOTY 2006

mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 9:07:36pm on 1/4/07
oK ill get on aim tommorow about 3:20 ok and i would like my sM to bE pimping beY0nD al1 b3li3f
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 8:51:43pm on 1/4/07
weLL ive been reading alot of forums aboit overall rank and i am going to get my skill up alot not novV but later oyeah buD i still dont know how to download all that sM stuFf the skyY the sonGgS brA
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 8:43:05pm on 1/4/07
heY bOriS whats going oN maN ill get on hal0 tomorrow night (friday) but im trying to load up on pionts then when im like a 900 or something ill intensly train myself with sM and FfR to be mastEr oF mY d0maIn yiPPPEEeeE
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 2:32:35pm on 1/4/07
heY check out my tatana music vid the song rapes any other yeahHHhhhhhhhHHHHhhh Hh
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 9:42:38pm on 1/3/07
65,000,000 points todaY oBaBy i was on fIrE got into the 1900ss i saw that sm vid and that phone book ripPinG RapapGe
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 8:35:02pm on 1/3/07
whats the name of the vid of the 600 pg. oNe fo01
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 7:54:16pm on 1/3/07
no you cant........CaN yOu???
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 4:44:04pm on 1/3/07
heY brA!!!!!
2o07 writes...
at 2:34:13am on 1/1/07
i made this as a happynewyears kind of acc im going to play on it sometimes ya know whats messed up i got a 947 c0mb0 on hanabi on my first game 1,400,000 points rape rape but i can only get like a 400 combo on my main tag wtf is that
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