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i make about ten thousand mistakes a day, even without noticing. i'm human. though i feel like an ant compared to everyone, i'm only 4'9. i have my mind set on goals that will probably never happen. i don't think before i speak, & i don't care. i laugh at all the wrong times, & complain over the dumbest shit. i put my hair up when i don't know what to do with myself. i'm finally 18, & workin' on my license. i like girls and boys, i drown myself in music 24/7, & suck at skateboarding. teach me? ;D i'll listen to anything that screams. i'm just another face on a webpage, writing a paragraph that no one ever reads.
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Playing reach, and ready doesn't describe it.
Posted on: October 24, 2010, at 01:44:27am   [2 comments]

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joep49 writes...
at 8:03:34am on 12/13/10
Hey what's up? Haven't talked to you in a while :D
NocturneAunamic writes...
at 9:24:42pm on 11/28/10
hey :)
dboi61 writes...
at 11:23:50am on 11/18/10
really wild that musta hurt a bit lol i got my libre done but no way would i do it myself u got balls girl lol
dboi61 writes...
at 1:03:30am on 11/9/10
Really feeling the piercing looks good on u =)
mattgamer15 writes...
at 10:20:59am on 11/7/10
hi, cutie
NocturneAunamic writes...
at 3:46:01pm on 11/4/10
<3 :D hey, do you text? I'll send you my number through a message on XBL. My computer is really slow this week, i havent been getting online much.
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 7:47:17pm on 10/24/10
i truly wish i could delete synthlights comment.
Synthlight writes...
at 2:57:27am on 10/20/10
First person to post on your wall.