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wtf I am jesus?
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Posted on: September 28, 2008, at 10:58:47pm   [0 comments]
So I started playing SM again. I'm suddenly a lot better. I can PA shit now and I'm happy.

Expect awesome AAA's and hopefully I get oni soon. 3 goods on LW4, 9 on LW1, 10 on Divine Suicide of K. 2 on Rottel-da-Station but I don't think that will ever happen again.

Posted on: February 6, 2007, at 08:42:37am   [0 comments]
I'm in school and bored. I should be doing work but that isn't working out for me right now. So now I'm randomly posting a random thought.

Posted on: October 29, 2006, at 12:38:51pm   [0 comments]
Got a 1730 combo 8)

Posted on: October 28, 2006, at 04:55:57pm   [0 comments]
I'm so close to that 1000 combo for ffr. Grrr.

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Sidek writes...
at 5:58:08pm on 5/1/12
nice simfiles man :DD
Izzy writes...
at 12:49:11am on 10/23/10
blazzerzrerzree writes...
at 8:04:15am on 10/21/10
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 3:51:27am on 10/21/10
haha alright (: have fun and goodnight. oh and you too!
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 3:48:13am on 10/21/10
trrrue that (:
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 3:45:46am on 10/21/10
lol they wanna talk like adults, with big words, they need to act like it. immaturity doesn't sit well with me.
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 3:29:27am on 10/21/10
trollin' assholes. lol. doesn't bother me really. it's just like really? why?
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 3:19:44am on 10/21/10
1 it wouldn't be fair, 2 i'm not comfortable with that kind of thing, 3 my boyfriend would kick my ass, 4 no. lmfao.
some guy is really trying to fuck with me on that forum. i'm so mad i can't delete the comments lmfao.
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 3:14:48am on 10/21/10
lol :D i won't be entering this contest lmfao.
xSailingAwaay writes...
at 3:10:12am on 10/21/10
well i did say guys could enter too lmfao. i posted the rules in the profile forums.
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