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The names Dave but everybody just calls me D im 24 yrs old and currently stay in BK, Most the time im busy working always give the site a lil of my time lol im also into sports basketball, handball, running I enjoy going out and having a good time with my friends, meeting new people, and honestly just ennoying life! =) if you want to ask me anything just do so!
Basketball, Music, my peoples, new peoples, living everday like the last, Revolution, everything and anything thats interesting!
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Very diverse with my music Top 3 Rap - Cassidy, Papoose,and Jay Z Rock- Coheed and cambria, Five finger death punch, System of a down, plus techno and rave get me hype! If it sounds good ill listen.
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old skool is the shizz i must say ^_^
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socx writes at 6:24:44pm on 12/9/11
poorly ! you ?? (:
socx writes at 5:43:13pm on 10/4/11
haha cali isn't what it's put out to be :p
mmmm it's alright. it's my first time actually talking to people on here since i made this thing and i made it months ago ^_^
socx writes at 5:33:59pm on 10/4/11
haha it's super cold and rainy in cali! don't be jealous (: life is decent. you ? (:
socx writes at 12:16:36am on 10/3/11
you're welcome (: you too (:
baddbxtchmentalityy writes at 3:33:44pm on 9/17/11
lol , aaaawe ; i liked youur picture . i like this one too . but anywayy . imm tryna get better . lol .. i have nothinn else tuhh do . not at the moment . i donnt even play a lot though
SiSi Freeze Pop writes at 1:04:16pm on 9/17/11
A picture that makes people want to talk to you! aha
Nice to meet you. :3
SiSi Freeze Pop writes at 12:49:57pm on 9/17/11
A come hither picture? ahah
I'm Sierra, by the way.
SiSi Freeze Pop writes at 12:02:21pm on 9/17/11
haha it's not that scary, just saying. :3
baddbxtchmentalityy writes at 10:33:10pm on 9/16/11
thankss for the compliment . '&; i had a profile a few years ago . but i nevaa really used it . lol . i sucked . so i gave up . im gettin better now . soooo . HERE I AM . aha .
SiSi Freeze Pop writes at 6:14:37pm on 9/16/11
haha feeling the art? :p your default is scary! :S well the gas mask.