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Stuck At Home Tournament
Posted on: March 31, 2020, at 05:41:42pm   [0 comments]
After walking away from FFR for 8 years, I have entered my first tournament in god knows how long. Placed in D4 as I am playing on an alternate account until I feel like myself again. Will be posting my results of each round here until I get eliminated.

Round 1: Dolphin Talks(Current Score 14-0-0-1):

So this song I have no words for at the moment. It has it's tough parts that's for sure. Will work on it each day little by little because I don't want to develop a complete mental block of the song. Will be interesting to see if I manage a skill boost one of these days just to SDG it at the least to save me from elimination. Will keep this score updated as I continue to work on it. Until then, bye guys!

Round 2: Tougenkyou -H.E.Remix-(Current Score 8-0-0-0)

Surprisingly made it past round 1. Dolphin Talks really gave me a lot of trouble, however onto this song. Got a SRFC on it so far. Song has some bursts in there that are a bit tricky. I'm sure if I practice a bit more, I can lower the good count for sure.

EDIT: Slight improvement from the last score. Song is still giving me a hard time. Gonna keep trying a little more in hopes of more progress.

Round 3: The Crow's Newspaper(Current Score 16-0-0-0)

Squeezed by last round. Songs are getting harder that's for sure. This round songs is actually really fun so grinding it shouldn't be a problem for sure. One of my fingers isn't really feeling it today so I put down a score as a place holder for right now.

Round 4: Retro City ( 30-4-1-6)

I don't think I'll be able to do this song any better tbh. Keyboard I have refrains me from improving on some songs due to how squishy it is plus it isn't the best temperatures right now. Song is rated a 67 and it has patterns I know I can't do.

EDIT: Still having a hard time reading the chart properly. Slight improvement. Will keep trying at it but the song is definitely tricky as hell lol.

EDIT2: Not a bad improvement. Warming up sure helped me a little better. Hope this is enough to get by. We'll see.

Eliminated in Round 4 which is pretty impressive considering how bad I did compared to others in the division. All in all it was a great tournament experience. Can't wait for future tournaments.

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Jaquan writes...
at 6:13:51pm on 4/17/20
You an OG lol. I Started in early 2012, and quit rhythm games later that year haha.
Jaquan writes...
at 4:15:22pm on 4/17/20
I see you also went on an 8-year hiatus, too. lol
haturade writes...
at 11:04:37pm on 4/15/20
Keep pushing in this tourny man, it's not over!
haturade writes...
at 11:03:34pm on 4/15/20
Thanks for the thumbs up! :D
alloyus writes...
at 5:28:58pm on 3/27/20
this new profile tho :eyes:
Synthlight writes...
at 7:05:05pm on 3/15/20
First person to post on your wall.