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idek how my wrists used to be able to handle this
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tmgCryptX writes...
at 10:58:49pm on 6/8/23
risking carpal tunnel once gain for an OT
Rapta writes...
at 12:11:26am on 2/7/22
The Baddest us a great song!
^Sorrow^ writes...
at 5:14:20pm on 9/2/21
Congratulations! You did awesome!
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 5:53:55pm on 9/1/21
Good Job lads
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 12:31:51pm on 9/1/21
Congrats on winning first in the tourney!
Phynx writes...
at 9:39:58am on 9/1/21
1st place hype YOOOOO! Congrats on that win and holy shit still can't believe you blackflagged round 8. What a way to shit on your co-competitors. xD
VapR StorM writes...
at 8:42:28am on 9/1/21
Congrats on getting 1st place man!
KillerScythe0 writes...
at 2:11:44am on 9/1/21
Congrats on getting first place!
Rapta writes...
at 8:34:23pm on 8/26/21
hai frieeeend
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 10:29:55pm on 8/11/21
So far looking Godlike, let's hope you stay that way >:)
All in good fun am I right
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