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DarkManticoreX2 writes...
at 9:11:55am on 4/11/12
Sup thunder. I was wondering who the heck sent me a message. I haven't played this game in forever.
j03mfrmfr writes...
at 5:34:49am on 9/30/09
Yo long time no talk where you been man damn @___@
j03mfrmfr writes...
at 7:46:36pm on 8/11/09
HAHA. im the same rank as you... better hurry before i pass you loool
j03mfrmfr writes...
at 11:38:49pm on 8/3/09
what up bro.
j03mfrmfr writes...
at 4:39:25pm on 7/25/09
j03mfrmfr writes...
at 4:12:25pm on 7/25/09
just wondering dont see ya on much anymore @_@
j03mfrmfr writes...
at 8:01:08pm on 7/24/09
yo did you delete me from msn? O.O
x3Mamimi writes...
at 3:05:23pm on 6/13/09
Adamaja456 writes...
at 2:08:26pm on 4/11/09
yea it bet - considering you've been here more than twice as long as me. well im off to my friends to pwn n00bs at resistance 2.
take care<3
Adamaja456 writes...
at 2:02:42pm on 4/11/09
ha yea man. i remember that day oh so well.
good times, good times
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