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Posted on: May 11, 2009, at 02:36:35pm   [6 comments]
I want to buy DJ Sharpnel CD's and merchandise, so if any of you that read this have any actual Sharpnel CD's, message me with what you have and what you want for it.

Currently looking for:

[PGCD-01] Project Gabbangelion - Episode0:1

Sharpnelsound slipmat
Old t-shirts/hoodies

If you want to sell a CD, make sure that it is complete with cover, backcover, inserts and any possible spine graphic that goes on top of the jewelcase.

Albums that I already have:

[SRPC-0001] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Sharpnel Vs Project Gabbangelion (early version variant 1)
[SRPC-0001] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Sharpnel Vs Project Gabbangelion (early version variant 2)
[SRPC-0001] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Sharpnel Vs Project Gabbangelion (early version variant 3)
[SRPC-0001] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Sharpnel Vs Project Gabbangelion
[SRPC-0002] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - ダブル ダッチ (Double Dutch)
[SRPC-0002.5] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - フロム・ザ・ハート
[SRPC-0003] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - フロム・ザ・はあと 地獄編 (early version variant 1)
[SRPC-0003] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - フロム・ザ・はあと 地獄編 (early version variant 2)
[SRPC-0003] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - フロム・ザ・はあと 地獄編
[SRPC-0003] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - フロム・ザ・はあと 地獄編 (alternate version)
[SRPC-0004] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - アタック ザ シャープネル (Black and red Ayanami Rei version)
[SRPC-0004] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - アタック ザ シャープネル (alternate version variant 1)
[SRPC-0004] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - アタック ザ シャープネル (alternate version variant 2)
[SRPC-0004] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - アタック ザ シャープネル (alternate version pressed)
[SRPC-0005] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - レイヴ☆スペクター (variant 1)
[SRPC-0005] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - レイヴ☆スペクター (variant 2)
[SRPC-0005] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - レイヴ☆スペクター (Limited edition)
[SRPC-0006Limited] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Endless Summer (comiket version)
[SRPC-0006] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Endless Summer
[SRPC-0006] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Endless Summer (alternate version)
[SRPC-0007] 新世紀ガヴァンゲリオン - Genesis:0
[SRPC-0008LTD] DJ Sharpnel - S.E.X. -Sound Of EXtreme- (comiket version 1)
[SRPC-0008LTD] DJ Sharpnel - S.E.X. -Sound Of EXtreme- (comiket version 2)
[SRPC-0008] DJ Sharpnel - S.E.X. -Sound Of EXtreme-
[SRPC-0009] DJ Sharpnel - p2p -ピアッツーピアッ!- (comiket version)
[SRPC-0009] DJ Sharpnel - p2p -ピアッツーピアッ!-
[SRPC-000X] V.A. - 別名:おにぎりトラックス (variant 1)
[SRPC-000X] V.A. - 別名:おにぎりトラックス (variant 2)
[SRPC-0010] DJ Sharpnel - X-Rated -クロスレートっ!- (comiket version)
[SRPC-0010] DJ Sharpnel - X-Rated -クロスレートっ!-
[SRPC-0011] Project Gabbangelion - Early Style Of Otakuspeedvibe 1996→1998
[SRPC-0012] DJ Sharpnel - PPPH! -Phat, Pinky, Powerful & Hard!!- (comiket version)
[SRPC-0012] DJ Sharpnel - PPPH! -Phat, Pinky, Powerful & Hard!!-
[SRPC-0013] DJ Sharpnel - アニメガバイト -Anime Gabba It!- (comiket version 1)
[SRPC-0013] DJ Sharpnel - アニメガバイト -Anime Gabba It!- (comiket version 2)
[SRPC-0013] DJ Sharpnel - アニメガバイト -Anime Gabba It!-
[SRPC-0014] DJ Sharpnel - No Style? No Policy!?
[SRPC-0015] DJ Sharpnel - Sharpnel Sound Collection Vol. 1
[SRPC-0016] DJ Sharpnel - 悩殺♥ ハードブレイク (comiket version)
[SRPC-0016] DJ Sharpnel - 悩殺♥ ハードブレイク
[SRPC-0017] DJ Sharpnel - UG★Psyclone (comiket version)
[SRPC-0017] DJ Sharpnel - UG★Psyclone
[SRPC-0018] DJ Sharpnel - Yonderdome
[SRPC-0019] DJ Sharpnel - Mad Breaks (comiket version)
[SRPC-0019] DJ Sharpnel - Mad Breaks
[SRPC-0020] DJ Sharpnel - Brain Violation.感脳侵食 (comiket version)
[SRPC-0020] DJ Sharpnel - Brain Violation.感脳侵食
[SRPC-0021] DJ Sharpnel - オタクオーバークロックス21 (comiket version)
[SRPC-0021] DJ Sharpnel - オタクオーバークロックス21
[SRPC-0022] DJ Sharpnel - ランニング★★★オールナイトッ!! (comiket version)
[SRPC-0022] DJ Sharpnel - ランニング★★★オールナイトッ!!
[SRPC-0023] DJ Sharpnel - 二次元サティスファクション (comiket version)
[SRPC-0023] DJ Sharpnel - 二次元サティスファクション
[SRPC-0024] DJ Sharpnel - 妄想オタクティクス (comiket version)
[SRPC-0024] DJ Sharpnel - 妄想オタクティクス
[SRPC-0025] DJ Sharpnel - Sharpnelsound Collection Vol. 2
[SRPC-0026] DJ Sharpnel - Cyclick
[SRPC-0027] DJ Sharpnel - 危ないベースライン
[SRPC-0028] DJ Sharpnel - Yonderdome Decade -10 Years of DJ Sharpnel-
[SRPC-0029] DJ Sharpnel - Welcome to the Ottack Universe
[SRPC-0030] DJ Sharpnel - Otakuspeedvibe

[SRPC-C001] Cotton Pantie's - What A Happy Life & Death!
[SRPC-C002] Cotton Pantie's - My Sweet Honey Biscuit

[SRPC-H001] DJ Sharpnel ft. DJ Jea - Life Is Game
[SRPC-H002 / SRPH-0003] DJ Jea - Harddrive 150 BPM - Life Is Game Volume 2.0

[SRPC-L001] The Speed Freak - Allright, Biaaatch !!!
[SRPC-L002] The Speed Freak - Shockwave Greatest Hits Megamix 1994-2002
[SRPC-L003] The Speed Freak - Noisecore Vol. 01
[SRPC-L004] The Speed Freak - Gabberdisco Megamix
[SRPC-L005] m1dy - Speedcore Dandy
[SRPC-L006] The Speed Freak - Demons To Some, Angels To Others -Hardcore Mix 11-2007-
[SRPC-L007] Biochip C. - Break It Oldschool -100% Classic Breakbeats-

[SRPC-M001] DJ Jea - Hardstyle 4da Firsttime
[SRPC-M002] DJ Chucky - Now Or Never
[SRPC-M003] DJ Tokyo - Hardstyle Tokyo Night Cruising
[SRPC-M004 / SRPM004] DJ Yousuke - J-Core Revolution

[SRPD-0001] DJ Sharpnel - Invisible Trigger
[SRPD-0002] V.A. - ワールドスーパーテック大戦Prime
[SRPD-0003] V.A. - ワールドスーパーテック大戦SuperS
[SRPD-0004] V.A. - Fant4stik Summer In Jap4n.
[SRPD-0005] DJ Sharpnel - パニソンはーこーパニック
[SRPD-0006] V.A. - ワールドスーパーテック大戦Troisieme
[SRPD-0007] The Speed Freak - Tokyo/Devastate
[SRPD-0008] Fant4stik - The Sentence Jap4n Edition
[SRPD-0009] V.A. - Gabberdisco Compilation - The Future Sound Of Retro Vol. 1
[SRPD-0010] Niwapnel - DupleX EP
[SRPD-0011] V.A. - ワールドスーパーテック大戦Quatrième
[SRPD-0012] V.A. - Another Gabberdisco Compilation - The Future Sound Of Retro Vol.2
[SRPD-0013] Tanukichi - 侍・スピード・ビーツ

[SRPE-0001] Sharpnel.exe - Erectortion-01 - キモチイイコト (CDr)
[SRPE-0001] Sharpnel.exe - Erectortion-01 - キモチイイコト
[SRPE-0002] DJ Sharpnel - Erectortion-02 - 誘惑催眠ガール

[SRPK-0001] KillingScum - No Style? No Policy!?
[SRPK-0002] 音圧愚連隊 - 暴走歌謡大全集
[SRPK-0003] 音圧愚連隊 - 爆萌電波注意報!
[SRPK-0003] 音圧愚連隊 - 爆萌電波注意報! (CDr)
[SRPK-0004] 音圧愚連隊 - 妄毒劇場公演中!

[SRPX-0001] DJ Sharpnel - Ver1.0
[SRPX-0002] DJ Sharpnel - Ver2.0
[SRPX-0003] DJ Sharpnel - ドコミ 限定
[SRPX-0004] DJ Sharpnel - Colossalcon2016 Limited
[SRPX-0005] Loctek - オタスピライブミックスりどーでっど2.0
[SRPX-0006] DJ Sharpnel - Upshft Limited

[GABDSG-001] DJ Sharpnel / M-Project - Greatest Blue
[GABDSG-002] M-Project / DJ Sharpnel - 遺言 Last Words 2002 EP
[GABDSG-003] M-Project - We Are Bootleger EP
[GABDSG-004] DJ Sharpnel vs. M-Project - 猛虎EP
[GABDSG-005] M-Project vs. DJ Sharpnel - Operation No. 9
[GABDSG-006] M-Project - Digital Alchemist
[GABDSG-007] ノーボトム! - ドドンパ Hardcore Remixes

[GDLIM0001] DJ Chucky & MC Jage - Live Recorded At High Emotion
[GDLIM0002] Chucky and MC Jage - Limited Edition Mix Vol. 2

[XHNANO] DS Live Request Session At XH Nano

[OSV-0001] DJ C-Type - Otakuspeedvibe

[SRPC-H001 / SRPB-0001] 5 Years of the Sharpnel Sound (book)
[SRPB-0002] Sharpnelsound Chronicle
Sharpnelsound Shirt - Red with Sharpnelsound logo
Sharpnelsound Shirt - Green with Sailor Moon graphic
Sharpnelsound Shirt - Blue with ICQ Sharpnelsound logo
Sharpnelsound Shirt - Brown with DJ Sharpnel logo
Sharpnelsound Shirt - Black with Far East Bastard Rave logo
Sharpnelsound Hoodie - Ultimate Speed Beatz
Sharpnelsound Towel - Black and white logo
Sharpnelsound Towel - Yellow and black logo (2014)
Posted on: September 18, 2008, at 04:14:48pm   [16 comments]
I'm asking anyone who has any of the songs/albums in the following list to pm me.

What I still need:

DJ Sharpnel - Hyper Sebu (Album: Unknown, not from Yonderdome)
DJ Sharpnel - Power Of Mage (Hard Bass Rmx) (Album: RBJP#8, unreleased vinyl)
DJ Sharpnel - 寸止めサプライズ (Album: Unknown, not from Yonderdome)

I'm willing to trade songs for songs or albums for albums if you have any that I don't have yet.
Posted on: July 12, 2008, at 01:55:05pm   [4 comments]
Credits Lost: 908460

Worst Losing Streak
1 _.Spitfire._ 17
2 vvav 17
3 Froston 16
4 tofurox 15
5 andili 15
6 argo15 15
7 xmorningashesx 14
8 Solomine Gray 13
9 pokelda 13
10 dag12 13

At least I'm #1 at something.
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