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i hate everyone around me and satin is the god i worship, yea by the all you sonic lovers why dont you curk up in to a ball and die because mario is the who kiick ass not that pussy sonic. girls who are emo turn me on like a bulb im crazzy for em! And oh yea for starters weird al is a big faggot!
vampires and acient satanic egyptian music and kari byron, anime , naruto , death note , bleach , inuyasha , dragon ball z , ohh yea the anime movie witch hunter D you must see it , video games , games like legend of zelda, assasins creed , ratchet and clank , super mario , yu yu hakusho, street fighter,
Fav Music:
my favorite music is slipknot five fingered death punch avenged seventhfold twiztid insain cown posse ozzy queen sometimes those songs off of queen of the damned movie dark lotus (icp and twiztid together) bon jovi dethklok and more bad ass bands such as killwhitney dead , lotus eater , and cake
Fav Movies:
queen of the damned under world evolutions resident evil althe way to extinction silent hill ohh yea sometimes for laughs i watch napolean dynamite, ha ha ha !
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tomgreen owns exibit
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you know ithought true love was a fairy tale but ever sense i seen megan i soon relize ive met love the one and only true love that i will have in my life. i will remember megan my one true love until the day die. i would give my life to save hers because i love her, i would kill for her. but im a coward and one day ill toss away my fear and i can finaly be together with her. i love you megan!!

angry video game nerd : ghostbusters
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Love you can change but hatred is permanet! love is crucial. if i didnt have waiting love hatred would be the only thing i have. megan hope you love me

Man im bourd
Posted on: April 20, 2008, at 01:31:51pm   [0 comments]
yea im bourd man if im so bourd they shoud put more songs on ffr because man i know there cool and all but the oly songs i play are arcade! they should put a new category like 80s rock or some thing like greatise hits.

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